Rainforest Cafe Review 2007

Rainforest Café


Who:  Andy, Leanne, Kevin and Alex (age 4 ½)

When:  Sunday May 6, 2007

Time:  12:00pm



Rainforest Café in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort is one of my favorite places to eat now.  This was our second visit, and I had been craving the clam chowder, so was very excited for this meal.


Joining us this time was our friend Kevin who was able to join us for much of the things we did on this trip (much to our enjoyment).


On our previous time at the Rainforest Café, we sat very close to the big orangutan and during each storm he would pound his chest while making noises.  This trip I asked to see near the elephants when we checked in.  I was told a spot near the elephants was not available.  I wasn’t too upset, the food was more important to me anyway.  After about 15 minutes our name was called and we headed up the stairs.  Once at the top, they led us directly to the area with the elephants!  Sure we were not right next to them, but we had a great view, and we also had a wonderful view of the fish tanks.  Our dining location was just perfect for us!


Our drink orders were taken almost immediately after being seated.  We adults had beer while Alex had a bottle of root beer.  He and Kevin were having a blast coloring the children’s menu. 


We ordered after our drinks were brought.  I ordered the shrimp platter after confirming they will make substitutions and a cup of clam chowder.  Andy ordered the Flying Dragon Pizza, and Kevin ordered the Papagallos.  For Alex we ordered the Kids Mini Dogs with carrots and ranch dressing.


Our food was brought to the table but they forgot to bring Alex’s carrots.  We asked twice for the carrots, and somehow they kept forgetting.  Finally, Alex’s carrots were brought as we were ready to leave.  By this time, each adult had finished their meal and had 2 drinks each.  The elapsed time was approximately 1 hour.  While our food tasted great, Alex ate nothing.  All he wanted were the carrots that never came.


The service for this meal was not up to par.  Will it keep us from going back?  Not on your life.  I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere at the Rainforest Café and will continue to eat there each trip.


Ratings:  1 to 5 with 5 being the highest


Food:  5

Service:  2

Atmosphere:  5


Total cost for this meal:  $65.93 (plus tax)

Total cost for drinks:  $28.50 (plus tax)


I highly recommend the Rainforest Café while you are at Disneyland.  You can’t beat this atmosphere and usually the service is impeccable. 


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