Rainforest Cafe Review 2007

Rainforest Café.  We were very disappointed in our experience at the Rainforest Café.  We called six weeks before our departure for reservations.  We knew what to expect as we’ve visited the (now extinct) Café in Denver.  We arrived early for our reservations and to check in.  After sitting in the hot sun, well after dinnertime, for over 45 minutes my husband complained that we hadn’t been seated yet.  They had inadvertently given our table to someone else.  I understand this was just a mistake on their part.  However, to accommodate us they had to bump someone else from their table.  The other patron had made reservations the night before.  He was told that his table couldn’t be guaranteed with only 24 hour reservations.  This was not true.  They simply made a mistake and gave away our table and had to take his table away.  So our evening at the Café started off poorly.  Our table was right in front of the kitchen and right up next to a pole.  We couldn’t see any of the scenery of the restaurant.  I was very unhappy since I had taken the time to make reservations far in advance in the hopes of having a good table.  The menu is, once again, overpriced.  Our kids loved the lighting glasses they offered in the gift shop, so my husband ordered yummy drinks which came with the glasses.  We thought that if we were going to pay for the glasses they better come with some alcohol!  J  Our server was not the nicest guy.  I can’t say he was bad, or mean, or rude, just not pleasant.  In the end we got one of our drinks for free for the mix up.  Overall I was disappointed, but the restaurant did attempt to make us happy patrons.  The kids will love this place.  We had fun using our napkins and hoods to “stay dry” during the thunderstorms.  We would jump and make surprised/scared faces at the nearby noisy ape. 


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