Redd Rockets Review 2007

Redd Rockets Pizza Port.  This pizza/pasta/salad place is located at the entrance to SpaceMountain.  The buffet style (not all you can eat) restaurant features many Italian options.  The kids pizza was horrible though.  Stick to a slice of adult pizza and split it between the kids!  Though he enjoyed his carrot sticks and we enjoyed his grapes, the pizza was a little biscuit shaped rock.  He ended up eating half of my pizza instead.  They had different types of pizza by the slice (and will even do a whole pizza to order if you ask), pastas galore, and four different salads to chose from.  The restaurant itself was nice and quiet.  We sat in the “outside” section which is actually covered by all the SpaceMountain entranceways.  It was hard to believe we were seated slightly over and below a 1 hour wait line for a thrill ride.  There were booths and tables to choose from.  The theme is, obviously, galactic.  It was very quiet and peaceful, until a bird wandered in and made a commotion trying to escape.  The food is priced the same as everywhere else.  Expensive.  I wish they had fast food prices for fast food food!  The ReddRocketsPizzaPort is a great spot if your in the mood for pizza! 

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