Disneyland Refreshment Corner Review

Refreshment Corner, located on the end of Main Street and also known as Coke Corner is an eatery where you can grab a quick snack or a meal of hot dogs and chips. The counter service restaurant is usually quick and you get service with a smile. To enjoy your meal or snack, you can sit outside at an umbrella-covered table. Many times you can enjoy the wonderful sounds of live piano music while enjoying your purchase. When no piano is being played, you are poised to people watch on Main Street.

I did indulge in a Mickey's Pretzel with Cheese & a Coke. This ran me $5.19 with tax. The pretzel was very good, & not super chewy like some pretzels can be. I can't tell you about the cheese, because I don't like that type of cheese....lol

On a scale of 4 stars, my rating is 3 stars, even with the long never ending lines, the employees were all smiles, quick to fill orders & the food (pretzel) was very good & the coke was nice and cold.

Thanks to disneydreamer from the www.disneymouselinks.com/forums forums for the above review!

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