Restroom Locations at the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Restroom Locations


While at the Disneyland Resort, it is important to know where the restrooms are located, even if you don’t have children.  If you do have children, it can be even more important since they don’t always tell you they need to potty until it becomes an emergency.


Here you will find a list of restrooms and where they are located.


Disneyland :


Outside the entrance gates:  There are restrooms located to the left of the entrance gates to Disneyland near the picnic area.


Main Street : 


There are restrooms located to the right after you enter through the right tunnel, or to your left if exiting Disneyland. 


Also in Town Square there are restrooms next to the InformationCenter (City Hall).


Further down Main Street you will find restrooms next to the Carnation Café.  These can be found by going between the Carnation Café seating area and the Disney Timeworks store.


Each Main Street restroom location on Main Street can be quite crowded before and after parades, fireworks, and as the park closes.





As you enter Adventureland from the Hub you will see restrooms straight ahead.  These are located just past the Tiki Room.


New Orleans Square :



The restrooms in New Orleans Square are located in the shopping area behind the French Market.  They are basically up against the Disneyland railroad tracks.  I have never found these bathrooms to be crowded due to their location.


Critter Country:


In Critter Country you will find restrooms at the Hungry Bear Restaurant.  Because of the lack of things to do in this area these restrooms are rarely busy.



Next to the Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante are restrooms.  These can also be reached from the Plaza Garden Stage area, and are very small restrooms.  These ones do tend to be crowded simply due to the size.




If you are walking toward the Big Thunder Trail you will see restrooms on your left just past the Village Haus Restaurant.  These are very convenient to Fantasyland and people visiting Big Thunder Ranch.  Rarely crowded they are easy to get into and out of quickly.


Perhaps the best themed restrooms in Disneyland are the ones located between Fantasyland and the Matterhorn, just past Ariel’s Grotto if coming from Main Street.  These restrooms are themed from Alice and Wonderland, with each stall door being a card.  This is a large bathroom and rarely crowded.


Next to the entrance to the Princess Fantasy Faire is a set of small bathrooms.  These are also rarely crowded.




Toontown has one restroom location, and it is easily spotted in the white ‘garage’ in the center of Toontown.




Behind Innoventions is a well hidden set of restrooms.  Personally we have never used these, so I can’t say if they are themed, or if they are crowded.


Near the Exit to SpaceMountain, beside the arcade are a set of large restrooms.  The area that houses these restrooms also has a seating area for those waiting for people on SpaceMountain.  This area does tend to get noisy since it is an indoor location.


A very little known restroom location is on the back of the StarToursBuilding.  It is actually located between Plaza Inn and Star Tours.  This restroom is not huge, but it is almost always vacant.  Quaint décor here makes this restroom area a nice respite from crowds.



Disney’s California Adventure:


Outside the entrance gates:  There is a restroom located to the left of the California Adventure entrance.


Sunshine Plaza :


The restrooms are located on the right as you enter the park, next to the locker rentals.


Condor Flats:  


These restrooms are located directly across from Soarin’ Over California.


Golden State :  


The restrooms are located on the walk from Grizzly River Run to Paradise Pier near Golden Dreams.  These restrooms are easy to get to from Redwood Creek, Grizzly River Run and the GoldenState area.


Paradise Pier:  


Next to Burger Invasion you will find restrooms that are rarely crowded, even before the Electric Parade.  Also on Paradise Pier there are restrooms located behind King Triton’s Carousel.


Pacific Wharf :  


You will find restrooms tucked in next to the Cucina Cucamonga Mexican Grill.


Bugs Land :  


As you enter A Bug’s Land you will find restrooms on your left across from Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train.


Hollywood Backlot:  


One location for restrooms here is between Playhouse Disney and Off the Page.  There is a courtyard there that has restrooms hiding in the back.  If you head toward Monster’s Inc. you will also find restrooms in the courtyard there.  They are located behind Cruella DeVil’s trailer on the right of the courtyard.

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