Riverbelle Terrace Review 2007

River Belle Terrace.  This restaurant is located by the Pirates of the Caribbean, but considered in Frontierland.  We had lunch out on the terrace.  I went and got a table while the others rode SplashMountain.  I was glad to be there early so I could have a shaded table.  I didn’t enter the restaurant area so I can’t describe that but the terrace is nice. There are several tables, many of which are shaded.  It’s right by the Pirates ride so you can people watch.  You can even see the happenings on TomSawyerIsland (though you can’t hear the show, you can see pretty much everything).  There isn’t much to chose from on the menu at this restaurant.  However, there are plenty of options around that you can get your food and sit down and eat.  We had bread bowl soup (clam chowder I think), turkey sandwich, macaroni and cheese kids meal, and a BBQ platter (ribs, chicken, fries).  We had plenty of food that we all shared everything and still had leftover.   This is another nice spot to just sit and relax for a while.  The location is great for people watching. 

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