Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Review (2006)

This attraction in ToonTown is a rollicking good time. As you go through the queue you will see all sorts of things familiar from the movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Beware the dip, as it will kill a Toon. In fact, dip is the big storyline in this attraction.

As you board your ride vehicle and buckle yourself in, be prepared for a fast and furious through the factory. Okay… it is not really so fast or so furious a ride. The premise of the attraction is that you, the guest, are trying to save the beautiful Jessica Rabbit from the deadly dip.

During your journey your car will automatically spin toward various scenes and the driver of your vehicle can cause further spinning at a dizzying speed.

Because of a motion sickness issue it was determined while still in line that my son and husband would ride together and I would ride alone. This was done to keep me feeling good because our son loves to spin.

So while enjoying the bright colors of the ride and shocked out how loud it is in this attraction, I kept seeing my son and husband spinning round and round at a rapid rate.

With the transdermscope patch I was spared a problem with motion sickness, and really enjoyed the ride.

My husband, who has no problems with motion sickness walked off the ride a little woozy after all the spinning.

Our son, aged 3 ¾ had a blast on this attraction and loved spinning himself and daddy throughout the ride.

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