Santa's Reindeer Roundup (2007)

Santa’s Reindeer Roundup is broken into four sections.  There is a cottage where your child can meet Santa, an area with his reindeer and a craft and show area.  This area is open from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night.


Meeting Santa


There is a special entrance into Santa’s Reindeer Roundup if you just want to meet Santa.  The line forms outside the cottage and winds around bales of hay.  There is a cast member taking photos inside.  Lines to meet Santa do form outside the Reindeer Roundup before it opens.


Santa’s Reindeer


Yes, you can see all of Santa’s reindeer here, but are not allowed to pet them or feed them.  After all, we don’t want them to get sick before their big night of flying!




There are pre-designed crafts your child can do or you can purchase a cookie for six dollars that can be decorated.  The cookies comes in a box with frosting, sprinkles, m&m’s and even very miniature candy cane sprinkles.


The Show


There is a show every 30 minutes.  This show will include at least two characters and two Cast Members.  There will be some singing and game playing for your entertainment.


Our Review


We entered Santa’s Reindeer Roundup and started with Santa.  After waiting in a line for 15 minutes that never once moved we decided to move on.  As we were preparing to exit the line, we saw Santa enter the building.  He had been on break.


After leaving the line we went to the seating area for the show.  The show we attended was quite cute, and the kids enjoyed it.  There was some singing, followed by Sleeping Beauty Trivia (I won, and got a Santa’s Reindeer Roundup sticker for a prize).  Next they had all the children come up and played a version of musical chairs.  In this version there was a bone for Pluto.  The children passed it from one to the other and when the music stopped the child holding the bone got a sticker and a hug from Pluto.  The final child left holding the bone gave it to Pluto.  The kids really enjoyed this.  After the show, they did make sure each child had a sticker. 


During the show we saw Pluto and Clarabelle the Cow.  Before the show we also saw Chip and Dale.


Alex’s favorite part of the Santa’s Reindeer Roundup was decorating his Christmas tree cookie. ($8.00 per cookie)


I can highly recommend this area, and be sure to catch the show while you are there!


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