Sleepy Hollow Restaurant Review 2008

Sleepy Hollow Restaurant Review


If you or your family members like funnel cake, this is definitely the place in the MagicKingdom to visit for a tasty treat.


Located on the edge of Liberty Square near CinderellaCastle, Sleepy Hollow serves only drinks and funnel cake.  You have a choice of many toppings for your made to order cake, including fruit, chocolate, or powdered sugar.


You can also get various drinks such as lemonade, soft drinks and water here.


Be careful because you order all items at one window (funnel cakes and drinks), but you pick up the drinks at a different window than the funnel cakes.


Each funnel cake is made to order here, and because of this it is very hot when you pick it up.  If you are getting the funnel cake for young children, be sure to let it cool off a bit before giving them a portion.


The funnel cakes here are incredibly tasty.  Being freshly made makes a huge difference.


So, if you are in the mood for a fresh funnel cake while at the MagicKingdom, be sure to check out Sleepy Hollow.

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