Splash Mountain Review (2005)

Splash Mountain at Disneyland is a log plume ride through Brer country. This is a wonderful attraction, especially on a hot day; but the queue can be very long because of the nature of the ride. If you can do FastPass or can ride by yourself (single rider) you can avoid the long queue wait.

After loading in your log you begin your journey. Splash Mountain is an attraction that takes place both indoors and out. As you gently 'sail' down the water trail, you hear the happy sounds of the Brer family singing. This attraction is lightly themed from the movie Song of the South; and does include the well-known song Zip a Dee Do Dah in a rousing rendition before the ride is over. During this attraction, you will encounter a few rather mild hills; and one very large 40-foot hill to finish the ride. It is on this drop that your picture will be taken for a wonderful Disney Photo Memory.

The ride does turn dark before this large drop and can be scary for smaller children. The drop itself, while high, is fast and not horribly scary; even for those with a fear of heights.

Disneyland's Splash Mountain is a wonderful attraction for young and old alike. The only problem is that the real young can't partake of this great ride until they are 40 inches tall. Another important thing to remember for children who are above the 40-inch height requirement is that a child must be able to sit alone. There is not room on this attraction to sit next to another person.

Splash Mountain is one of my favorite Disneyland Attractions. We like to use Single Rider since our son is not tall enough, and the other parent will take him on Winnie the Pooh or wait in the line to meet the 100-Acre Wood characters. As someone who has a horrible fear of heights, that doesn't bother me on this attraction. I enjoy the scenery, the music, and the water.

Disneyland's Splash Mountain Review (2006)

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