Star Tours Review (2007)

Star Tours is an attraction based on the Star Wars Movies.  Created with the help of George Lucas, this attraction is true to the films. 


The indoor portion of the queue for this attraction is a space port.  There is a large screen showing you the tours you can take from this location.  Of course, the only tour offered in the attraction is the visit to the Moon of Endor.  You will see a life-size version of the Star Speeder 3000, complete with damage from being shot.  R2D2 is on the Star Speeder 3000 fixing it and C3P0 is standing nearby directing him.  If you listen carefully you will hear Sacul Egroeg paged (George Lucas spelled backwards) and you will also hear a reference to THX, which was created by Lucas.  In various portions of the queue you will see other droids in various forms.


The remainder of the queue is filled with several other droids of various types.


Once you reach the spot where you prepare to board, you will be placed into rows which tell you what row you will be sitting in for the visit to the Endor Moon.  Row 1 of course will be the front row, and Row 5 is the last row. 


After you are buckled into your seat, Rex will appear on the television screen.  He is to be your tour guide for this special trip.  You will quickly find out that this is his first time, and problems quickly ensue as he tries to find the brakes on the Star Speeder 3000.


During this attraction, you will fly in Light Speed, through a comet, and get involved in a fire fight with the Death Star.  During this portion of the attraction, scenes from the movies are incorporated for a very realistic feel.


One thing we did notice is that row 1 is a much easier ride on this attraction than row 5.  There is much more jerking the farther back you sit, so do be prepared for that if you are in the rear of your Star Speeder 3000.


Outside, where the queue begins, the wait times for the line are posted.  We found these times to be pretty accurate during our recent visit to Disneyland.


Our 4 year old son also tried this attraction for the first time, and absolutely loved it, which is incredible since he has never seen Star Wars.  He his a robot fan though, and that may have had something to do with his new love for this ride.  He was not scared at all, and took several trips to the Moon of Endor while at Disneyland.

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