Storyteller's Cafe Character Breakfast Review December 2011

We decided to try a new character meal for breakfast on our Christmas trip and the only place we had never been too for breakfast was the Storyteller's Cafe.  We scheduled a brunch because we also had planned on going to ESPN Zone for the Bronco's game that afternoon.


Our meal was set for 10:00 Sunday Morning and we checked in about 10 minutes early.  I was given a beeper and told it would just be a few minutes.  They were right, it was just a few minutes that we had to wait.


After being taken to our table we left Alex there while Andy and I got in line to get my food and food for Alex.  At Storyteller's you can do the buffet or you can order directly off the menu.  Many of the menu items are on the buffet so we chose that for all three of us.


The buffet had a ton of selection.  There were cereals, waffles, french toast and pastries.  Fresh fruit including cantaloupe, watermelon, banana, grapes and more.  The hash brown potatoes were crisp and had a bit of a kick to them that was wonderful.  Salmon, sausage, ham and bacon were also available.  Biscuits and gravy too.  Eggs came in several different types:  scrambled, scrambled egg whites and eggs benedict.  It was an extensive buffet and the food was well prepared and kept at the right temperature.


Milk and juice were brought to the table by your server, including the milk for the cereal.  Butter was not on the buffet but brought by the server.  A variety of juices were included in the buffet and both Andy and I had the cranberry juice.  I thought it was great but Andy didn't care for it.


As far as the food and service go I can't complain about either.  The service was exemplary and the food delectable.  We have had dinner here before and we found the service and food impeccable then as well.  Storytellers Cafe Character meal is a cut above the rest where the food is concerned.


It was the characters that lack something special.  Kenai and Koda have been removed from Redwood Creek Challenge Trail and Russell from UP in now there.  We were hoping that this change was also in affect at the character meal, but it was not so.  I am not sure which of the bears came to our table since he could not sign the autograph book because of claws.  We have never seen Brother Bear so those characters hold little interest to me.  Meeko came to our table, as did Chip and Dale.  There used to be a character dance here but we never saw it happen.


Storytellers gives more care to the food, service and ambiance that it does the characters and that was actually fine for me.  It is not nearly as expensive as Goofy's Kitchen, and worth every penny we paid.  It was fun to see characters we have never seen before, but we were thrilled to see our old friends Chip and Dale.


Will we do this character meal again?  I hope we do.  I really enjoyed the whole experience overall and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good breakfast, a different character meal, and great service.  If you are looking for characters you can see at Disneyland, then this is not the meal for you.  Woodland creatures will be found here, and keep in mind that those with claws cannot sign your autograph book.
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