Surf's Up With Mickey Character Meal, March 2010

Wednesday March 24, 2010 we had our first Breakfast with Mickey since they opened the restaurant.  Previously he had been at Ariel's Grotto for lunch and dinner, so this breakfast was a first at Disneyland.


Mickey does not come to your table at this meal.  Instead you will take a picture with him before being taken to your table.  This is how they do it at all of the Disneyland character meals now.  Picture first, and then your table.  You are allowed to use your own camera for these pictures as well.  We ended up taking several pictures of Alex and Mickey.



When our time with Mickey was over we were shown to our table and asked what drinks we would like.  Then it was time to check out the buffet.


The buffet here has an omelet station, a selection of pastries and fruits and vegetables.  In addition there was bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns and smoked salmon with lox.  They also had chicken for the adults.   For the kids they could have Mickey pancakes or waffles, banana chocolate french toast pieces, fruit or cereal and oatmeal.  Of course the buffet was open to both adults and children.



There were four characters that came to the table for this breakfast.  We saw Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Stitch and Pluto.  




As we encounter at Walt Disney World, these character visits were horribly short.  Was this what all character meals were becoming?  Just a quick picture, sign the book and leave type meal?


Like Goofy's Kitchen, there was various entertainment during the meal.  Three times an hour some sort of play or dance would be done.  We were there for Hulu Hoop time.  Not a good idea in such a short space.  Our second 'play' was surfing.  The kids liked this one much better.  Stitch was the one who taught the kids how to stand on the surf board and it was very cute.


Andy liked the food better here than at Minnie's. He enjoyed a bacon sandwich here.  Andy doesn't eat eggs so breakfast is not something he likes but we do it to see the characters.



Alex really enjoyed the surfing and hula hoop activities.


I was upset by the short character visits and the food.  I found the chicken to dry to eat, the french toast pieces horrible and I really wanted some 'real' french toast.


When we got our bill Andy noticed that a gratuity had been added to the bill but the credit card slip still has a place for a tip.  If you don't notice and add a tip amount when you pay by credit card you would end up double tipping.


One thing we really noticed that was weird for us were the lack of crowds.  There were no more than about 10 tables with guests.  The rest were empty, waiting for people who never came to eat. 


With an empty restaurant you would think the characters would spend more time at the tables, but this didn't happen.  I was very upset with this meal.  I guess Minnie and Friends has spoiled me.


Will we do this meal again?  Probably.  It is a great chance to see Mickey.

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