Test Track Information and Review

Test Track is one of the thrill rides at Epcot, located in Future World along with Mission to Mars and Ellen's Energy Adventure.


The queue for Test Track, like most other attractions at Walt Disney World is located inside a building.  While waiting inside you will see crash test dummies, cars in pieces and more.


You know you are closer to getting on the ride when you are sent to door 1, 2 or 3.  Each door takes turns opening and your wait at a door can seem horribly long as you stand there waiting for the door to open.


Once your door opens you will enter a small theater where you will see a short movie about test track dummies and why the tests are done.


As the show ends another door opens and you enter an additional queue that leads to the ride vehicles.  If you have not guessed yet, you will be in a test track vehicle that will actually go through the tests that General Motors cars go through.  Fortunately for you, the vehicle you are in has passed a few tests before you go through the final obstacle course.


Test Track is one of the longest rides at Epcot.  You will be doing your road tests for five minutes.  During this test you will go through adverse temperatures on both sides of the spectrum.  You will be on smooth roads, rocky rounds and rounding curves at high speeds.  Your vehicle will climb a hill, then go back down.  During the attraction the vehicles suspension, brake system and heating and cooling units will be checked.  While you are in the car.


Sounds fun, right? 


Near the end of the ride your picture will be taken and you will have a chance to put your ride photo on your Photo Pass card, instead of instantly purchasing it as in other attractions.


The final portion of the ride is at the exit, where you get a look at some General Motors cars, including the Volt, which is the 'green' car that GM is working on at the moment.


Like many other attraction you will then walk through a store, where you are able to purchase souvenirs that relate to cars.


Test Track Review:


Test Track is a ride that our 7-year-old has been wanting to ride, and finally in December 2009 he was tall enough to enjoy being tossed around like a crash test doll.  I suffer from motion sickness, and was a bit worried to take this ride, but figured I would give it a try since I was wearing the Scopalamine Patch.


We used FastPasses for the attraction so didn't have to wait in the main queue at all.  We were able to walk up to the three doors and were sent to door one.  Here we waited for about 10 minutes but it really felt longer with sore feet that hurt more when standing in one spot. 


Finally our door opened and we enter the room with the short film.  This film was good and quick.  Once we exited that room, we entered another queue that was pretty long.   That wait was not really that long, maybe 15 minutes before we got to the boarding queue. 


Since we are a group of three and the cars seat six people in two rows, we were actually sent off with just the three of us in the vehicle.


My fears of this ride did not come to fruition.  We are from Colorado, and we have land in the mountains.  While on Test Track I pretty much felt like we were on that land, so it was not a bad feeling.  The temperature outside was very warm, so the cold room felt great!


All three of us enjoyed this attraction.  None of us were tossed around too much and I give it a thumbs up.  Now, if I would not have been on medicine for motion sickness, I don't know if that would have made me sick.  There are warnings for motion sickness, so if you have a problem with that, be sure to take Dramamine or something first.


Alex really liked the ride, and he did ride it again later with his Daddy.  We will all ride this attraction again.

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