The Forgotten Stepchild?

Disneyland was the very first Disney Park, created by a young man named Walt Disney.  Years later plans began for a second park, or technically a City.  Thousands of acres were purchased in Orlando Florida for this new project.


EPCOT - the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow.  That was the original plan for what is now called Epcot.  After Walt Disney died, the plans carried on for the building of Walt Disney World and the plan did include EPCOT but it was different than Walt's original dream.


Walt's dream of a city was carried out though.  Not within Walt Disney World, but its own city called Celebration, Florida.


Now there are Disney parks throughout the world with a new one being built in Shanghai China.


That original park, Disneyland, has transformed into two Parks and a large shopping district.  Three very expensive Resort Hotels, and in 2001 the Disneyland Resort was born.


Of all of the Disney Parks, Disneyland is the most intimate one due to its size.  Disney World itself is a very large and ever expanding city of its own.  New Hotels are constantly being built.  Downtown Disney is twice the size of Disneyland's version.  And finally, everything is bigger at Disney World.


Logistically, Disneyland can't expand any more because Walt Disney had no idea when he purchased those Orange Groves that his Park would be so loved.  Had he known then what the world knows now, perhaps Disneyland would not be the forgotten Stepchild.


Why is it that Walt Disney's original Park is considered second class.  Why is that when something new and different comes, Disneyland gets it only AFTER Walt Disney World gets it.


Case in point:  Star Tours.  At Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, there is an expansive area for this attraction.  There is an Imperial Walker, a stage for Jedi Training and a store dedicated to all things Star Wars. 


At Disneyland there is no Imperial Walker.  The Jedi Training stage is over at Tomorrowland Terrace.  The store at the exit of the attraction?  A small area dedicated to Star Wars and Star Tours that opens up into a much bigger shopping area.  Now this is being redone, so I am anxious to see what happens when this new store opens.  And frankly I understand the reasons there is no Imperial Walker at Disneyland.  It is a much smaller space, a more intimate space.


But that it the biggest problem.  Why does this much anticipated revamped attraction open at Walt Disney World on May 20th, yet at Disneyland it doesn't reopen until June 3rd.


What is the reason that Disneyland has to wait two weeks longer to open?  The Magic Kingdom has Cinderella Castle.  Shouldn't they be the poor Stepchild?


Disneyland is mostly repeat visitors, while Walt Disney World is often the 'trip of a lifetime' for a family.  Shouldn't the park with all of the repeat visitors get to open an attraction at the same time as Walt Disney World?


Year after year Disneyland gets the hand offs from Walt Disney World.  Maybe it should be the other way around.  Soarin' Over California became an overwhelming hit at Epcot after all.


Just my opinion,


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