The Sum of All Thrills

A new attraction called Sum of All Thrills puts you in charge of your ride.  This exhibit presented by Raytheon uses math to create a thrilling experience that has more than 100 possible options.  


You can choose your experience starting with the ride vehicle.  Do you want a bobsled, roller coaster, or jet for your personal ride?  Do you like California Screamin' or Rockin' Roller Coaster for the loops and inversions?  Or do you prefer a more sedate ride like the Matterhorn with speed, but no inversions.  When making your selections, they must work mathematically, hence the name of the exhibit.  All of this is done with a simple touch screen.


Once you have chosen your ride vehicle and completed your track you get to ride your creation!  Kuka RoboSim technology has created the carriage needed to carry out your person attraction.  This simulator works with 4D technology to give you your own perfect ride!


So head over to Innoventions at Epcot, and see what you can do with math!  Learn something while having fun, Disney style.

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