Traveling With Toddlers Tricks & Tips

Make sure you have a Ziploc full of your child's favorite snack with you on the airplane if flying. Goldfish or graham crackers are two ideas.
Does your child love balloons? You can pick up a kit at Wal-Mart to make balloon animals. This did pacify our child on a return flight last year.
2 ½ years old and not yet potty trained with an upcoming trip to a Disney Resort? Hold off! Do the training after you get back and life gets back to normal. Diapers are easier at a theme park than asking every 20 minutes if your child needs to potty.
If your child is in diapers, be sure to take them into the parks with you. While Disney does sell diapers, at $1.00 each you don't want to buy them for every diaper change
Purchase a Disney CD or Video for your child to watch or listen to in order to be somewhat familiar with Disney products.
If you can, take your own stroller. Your child is familiar with it, and will be more comfortable than in a rented stroller. In addition, a rented stroller can't go back to the hotel with you. Sleeping children are heavy!
Strollers can be gate checked, so keep your child in the stroller until right before you get on the plane. They will check it at the gate, and give it back to you at your arrival gate.
Frontier Airlines now has all Airbuses. According to their website the Airbuses have televisions at each seat. Children's programming is available for $5 each segment.
Children need plenty to drink, even when in a stroller. Make sure they have a sippy cup or some other source of fluids while at a Disney Park constantly to avoid dehydration. Water is fine, and will not spoil, but will quench thirst.
If your child is old enough, involve him or her in the travel planning. Children love to help plan their vacation.
To count down the days to go before your vacation, a paper chain, with one link per day could help a child to understand when the vacation is, and lead to great excitement as the chain gets smaller.
If your child is old enough to handle small amounts of money, Disney Dollars are a wonderful way to let them have money of their own to spend.
Refillable drinks! These are worth it when you have a child or even an adult who gets thirsty often. When you get a drink, ask about the refill policy. A few places at Disneyland (White Water Snacks for one) and several at Walt Disney World offer discounted refills.
Remember to have naptime or low-key time in the afternoons if you want to stay up for evening entertainment. A tired, grumpy child makes for a grumpy parent.
If you will have a car when you arrive at your destination, go to a store. Buy diapers, snack, and bottled water and coke products. This way you won't have to pack all of the heavy items, but you also won't have to pay Disney's prices for them.
Freeze a bottle of water for each person, filled ¾ full each night. In the morning, fill with cold water. The ice will thaw in a few hours, giving you ice cold water to drink for a good period of time.

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