Tomorrowland Transit Authority Review 2008

Tomorrowland Transit Authority Review


The Tomorrowland Transit Authority, otherwise known as the TTA is just like the old Peoplemover at Disneyland.  At the Magic Kingdom, the TTA is an attraction that rarely has a line, and loads very quickly.  You reach the loading zone by taking a moving walkway up to the second floor.


Each ride vehicle will hold up to four people comfortably, and more if you have small children with you.  After you board you will begin your journey through Tomorrowland.  You will enjoy a quick ride through Space Mountain from your ride vehicle, a great overview of Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, a quick look at the Carousel of Progress and even a very special scene.  That special scene is Walt Disney’s vision for his own city.  Of course that city is now Epcot, but it is a very special glimpse of one mans dream, and this is the only way to see that miniature city.


TTA is a very gentle ride that will also give you a great look at Cinderella Castle, the Indy Speedway and those lovable little green men (aliens) from Toy Story.  If you have never been to the Magic Kingdom before this attraction is a great way to start your trip.  If you have been there many times it is a great way to relax during your trip.


This Peoplemover type ride is a perennial favorite for the younger set, and a favorite for tired adults who want to get off their feet for a while.  When the weather is scorching you can even catch some nice breezes as you glide through Tomorrowland.


I highly recommend the Tomorrowland Transit Authority for all age groups!

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