Mickey's ToonTown Morning Madness Review

Mickey's ToonTown Morning Madness is offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday's if you have a voucher from the Walt Disney Travel Company. This voucher entitles you to enter ToonTown when Disneyland opens, instead of 1 hour after Disneyland opens which is the normal opening time for ToonTown.

During this extra hour, you will have the opportunity to meet with the characters that live in ToonTown. You will be able to ride Gadget's Go Coaster and Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. You will even have the opportunity to become an honorary citizen of ToonTown. And one family will be the Honorary Family of ToonTown

This all sounds wonderful doesn't it? On the face of it, getting in one hour before everyone else sounds like a real deal, and something you don't want to miss. What happens instead is that they allow anyone into ToonTown who has a voucher. You simply need to make your reservation using Walt Disney Travel Company to get this voucher. There is no limit to the amount of people allowed in each morning this is offered.

Because of this, you will find lines everywhere. Unlike a non early entry day where people stroll into ToonTown at their leisure, for Mickey's Morning Madness everyone is there at or near 8:00, when the park opens. Mickey and Minnie, along with the other habitants of ToonTown will be out in the streets to say hi, sign autographs, and take pictures. The lines as you would expect are very long. Expecting a short line for one of the rides?? Well, if you skip the ceremony to become an honorary citizen your line will be short. If you attend the ceremony, your lines will still be long.

If you think your child can easily see Mickey and Minnie during this hour, please, think again. Because everyone is here for this special hour, the lines are very long.

On our June 2005 trip we did Mickey's Morning Madness twice and visited Toontown twice more when it normally opened (1 hour after the Park opens). The lines to see the characters were much shorter on the days there was not a Morning Madness.

This was experienced during prime summer vacation time. Is the situation different in the off-season? It may be. Only you can be the judge. If you don't care about getting the button identifying you as an honorary citizen though, I recommend that you skip Mickey's Morning Madness and use that first hour when the park opens to enjoy short lines on the non ToonTown attractions. Visit ToonTown on a non-early entry day for the normal morning lines which are much shorter. Keep your vouchers for the scrapbook, after all, they look real nice and make a great addition to your memory book.

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