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We ate dinner at Tortilla Joe's one evening. We tried to make reservations but they did not accept them. I am not sure if this is the norm or just because of the day notice? Anyway we had to wait in line for our table. It had rained on and off all day and was continuing that pattern. Lucky for us the restaurant had setup umbrellas for people to stand and wait under.

After about a 30 minute wait we were seated inside the restaurant. There were 7 in our party that evening and there was plenty of room at the table we were sat at. The tables and chairs allowed for ample room for everyone. The restaurant itself seems like and average chain type of Mexican restaurant. It was decorated in the usual decor for this type of establishment. The menu was large and offered a good variety of Mexican food to select from. The prices were on par for a restaurant in Downtown Disney and for the most part average for a restaurant of this size.

The usual chips and salsa was brought to our table. I did not really care for their style of chips much but the salsa was OK. The waitress comes over with our drinks and spills one on the table. A simple mistake that can happen to anyone. Lucky no one ended up wearing the drink, our cat like reflexes allowed us to avoid the liquid. One of the chips and salsa were not as lucky. This should of been a sign of the service to come. After cleaning up the mess and taking our orders I did not see our waitress again until after our food arrived. I am not sure if we had a bad waitress or what, but it seemed like she went on break or something. By the time our food arrived our drinks were empty and the chips and salsa depleted.

The food was good. I ordered the steak fajitas and there was a healthy helping of steak and rice and beans. There were several of us who ordered fajitas everyone was pleased with the size and taste of the food. My daughter ordered some steak tacos which she enjoyed as well. Normally she orders some type of enchilada or burrito and eats my steak from my fajitas. My wife was not as pleased as most as she is partial to one of the local Mexican restaurants in our hometown.

Our waitress returned as we were eating and we had a list of stuff we wanted from her. I am not sure if she was new, overworked, lazy or just not with it. She seemed a little lost running from table to table. The bandage wrap around here hand and wrist did not help build our confidence in her either. We had to hunt down another waitress to get the drinks and other items we needed.

Overall the food was tasty and there were good size portions. The prices were reasonable for a restaurant of this caliber. The service, well I would have to say I believe we had a bad waitress. Although there are so many other choices available in Downtown Disney, I would eat here again on our next trip to give their service staff another shot.

Review written by our disney forum member Hazertmed

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