Useful Items to take on your Disney Cruise

When taking a Disney Cruise or a Disney Parks vacation here are a few items that over the years we have found very useful to have.

Pop Up Hampers are very handy to have on a Disney Cruise because you don’t have any other space to put dirty clothes in neatly. They do not take up suitcase space and you can just throw them in the closest when you arrive:

Disney Frozen Hamper

Pop Up Hamper

We can survive without any of the  items on this page but one thing I never travel without is a luggage scale.  It is really a balancing act between trying to limit the amount of luggage you have to travel with and keeping each suitcase under 50 pounds.  And of course if you are a ‘shopper’ on your Disney Vacations it is very easy to pack a suit case over the limit.

More than once in the past I have been at the ticketing counter shifting contents from suitcase to suitcase to get them all under the 50 pound limit.  All that goes away if you have a quality hand-held luggage scale.  We had ours for over 5 years and use it religiously when packing:

Packing Cubes are the best invention in the world.  I absolutely love these for ease of packing and unpacking.  I use a bag for each type of clothing:  shirts, dresses, shorts/slacks, bras, underwear/socks.  Others will pack a days set of clothes in one bag. Aside from my dresses I don’t have to unpack.  I just toss the bags into drawers and viola, I am unpacked.  On a cruise you have limited closet/drawer space and packing cubes make it easy to leave some of your clean clothes in the suitcase until you need them. They are also make it very easy way to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean clothes for your return.  I highly recommend these bags.



Duffel bags that will fold and fit in a suitcase are perfect in todays world of airline baggage fees.  On almost every Disney trip we take these days we bring back significantly more luggage then we take.  In the past we’d just bring an extra suitcase to carry back those items.  That tends to cost extra money these days if you fly. What we do now is pack a duffel bag in one of our suitcases.  If we happen to buy a lot of items and we can’t fit all of them in our suitcases we pull out the duffle back and pack it with clothes and unbreakable.

Here are a few good duffel bags:



The Disney cruise ships have a decent amount of electrical outlets however with the amount of electronic devices we have these days there is rarely enough to charge everything at once.  You ARE NOT allowed  to bring power strips or extension cords on board the ship.  However you usually can bring USB charging hubs on board.



To protect our oceans, Sea Safe sunscreen is important if you are going to be in the ocean playing, snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins and more.

With Anti-Jellyfish protectant


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