Village Haus Review 2007

The Village Haus restaurant is in an attractive location because it is located in Fantasyland and makes a convenient stop for a quick lunch with the kids. Nothing could be further from the truth. Avoid this restaurant at all costs. Save yourself some stress and visit another restaurant.

In January, my wife, 4 yr old daughter, my parents, my in-laws, and myself decided to eat at the Village Haus because of the convenience of its location. We entered just before noon and were about 7th in line with only one cash register running. In the first 15 min only 2 people made it through the line. By this time the line was out the door of the restaurant with the lunch crowd. When the manager announced that he was opening a second line I thought it would get faster, wrong. The second line was a new line at the same register with the cashier alternating between both lines. The second line was comprised of the people from the back of the line rushing forward around everyone in front of them. After about another 20 min. in line and another 10-15 waiting for the food we sat at an outdoor table.

The food was just okay. Most of us had burgers and my wife had pizza. Gabrielle, our 4yr old daughter ordered the mac and cheese meal. Big Mistake! Do not order the mac and cheese here or anything for that matter. We opened up Gabrielle’s meal and could not believe our eyes. Inside the box was a small pack of about 3 baby carrots and a 2-3 oz container of mac and cheese for around $6. I thought maybe they had made a mistake and given us the infant size. The people at the tables around us could not believe it either.

I went back inside and asked if we had received the right size and they said yes. I was not happy and for the first time almost lost my temper at a CM. I told them about the size of the kid’s meal that we had eaten the day before at Taste pilots in DCA and how large it was and that the size of the mac and cheese for $6 was crazy. They told me that Disneyland was trying to control our children’s portion size in the name of their health and that if we had a problem take it up with city hall. It would be nice if when they cut the amount of food they give you so significantly that they would cut the price too. We learned our lesson and will never eat at the Village Haus again. Save yourself some distress and make the short walk elsewhere.

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