Village Haus Review from December 2007

Village Haus Restaurant Review:



We ate at the Village Haus Restaurant in Fantasyland on our trip in December, 2007.  Upon entering the restaurant I quickly noticed that the story of Pinocchio was depicted in pictures on the wall.  It was a beautiful site to eat inside.


Since it was still early we found very short lines at the cash registers for food.  Our food was ready within seconds of making payment.


Our family ordered two cheeseburgers and one cheese pizza. For dessert we got a cookie and a brownie to share.  Each burger came with fries; and the pizza came with a tangy vegetable salad.


We decided to eat inside because it was still rather cool outside.  While the burgers tasted okay, they were on the cold side and would have been much better if they had been hot.


Alex didn’t like the cheese pizza at all.  Andy tried it and agreed with Alex.  We had eaten pizza the night before that was very good so this was a surprise.


The best part of this meal was the chocolate chip cookie.  This was large enough for the three of us to share and was incredibly good. 


I have never seen a good review of this restaurant, and have to add mine to the last of bad or mediocre reviews.  We will likely not eat at the Village Haus Restaurant again.

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