Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion Review

At the Magic Kingdom you will find the Haunted Mansion located in Liberty Square.  In the back of this beautiful area you will find a stately old Mansion made almost entirely of brick.  This Mansion is the setting for the Haunted Mansion.


The queue for the Haunted Mansion is entirely outside.  The area is shaded and there are misting fans spaced throughout the queue to help waiting guests cool off when the weather is particularly hot and humid.


While in the queue you will see an old-style hearse prepared to drive away.  As you get closer to the entrance you will come upon a graveyard.  Be sure to read the headstones on these graves as they are fun and informative.


Once you enter the Haunted Mansion you will be held in a waiting area for an empty stretching room.  Soon the doors will open and you will be instructed to enter this room and to stand at the ‘dead’ center so that you can see all of the walls.  This circular area has several innocent looking pictures for you to enjoy.  As the doors close though, you will notice that the pictures are getting longer.  The young ballerina is no longer as cute when you see she is on a high wire above a hungry alligator.  Each picture will depict a not so pleasant scene.  It is then that you are told you are in a room with no windows and no doors.  Be sure to look up to see one man’s solution to this problem.  (When the lights go out you might want to cover your young toddlers ears as there is a loud scream). As for you though; a door will open and you be led to your ‘doom’ buggy to enjoy the Haunted Mansion. 


Your trip will begin with pictures that change from pleasant to horrifying with each lightning strike.  During your ride you will encounter dancing ghosts, a very bad bride, an eerie grave yard and more.  Finally Leota will be there telling you to hurry back.


While the Haunted Mansion itself sounds scary, this is really a very mild ride.  There is nothing that will jump out at you.  Your job is to simply sit in your doom buggy and watch the scenes go by.


Our son has been riding HauntedMansion since he was 14 months old.  At first he slept through the ride.  As he got older he really began to enjoy Haunted Mansion and at 5 years old it is one of his favorites at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.  He recommends this ride to children and adults alike.  I consider this a must see attraction.

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