Wetzels Pretzels Review

Wetzels Pretzels is a restaurant/snack place in Downtown Disney and it is located very close to the security area for Disneyland. This means that it is a very quick walk from the parks for some wonderful food that is not park fare.

You will find nothing extravagant at Wetzels Pretzels. Here is the place to get the best pretzel you will ever eat. Add a tall glass of fresh lemonade for a wonderful lunch or snack. Have a bigger appetite? Try the Wetzel dog, which is a hot dog in a pretzel. Okay, not really, but it is a breaded hot dog and no bun is required.

The prices here are great, and you can get a great lunch for around $7.00. A pretzel alone is around $3.00 (these are the prices as of June 2005) so you don't have to break the bank for a light lunch or snack.

Should you eat here for dinner? Well, that depends. Will a hot dog and drink normally fill you up? If so then by all means yes.

This is a counter service restaurant, with no table inside. Seating outside is limited to bench style around the large planters. Seating doesn't matter. The food and service does. You will always have a friendly person taking your order, and getting you taken care of. The food is great, and fresh.

I highly recommend Wetzels Pretzels!

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