What's Happening at Disneyland February 18 - March 30th 2009

General Information:


Last week characters were out in abundance.  Even Belle was seen at her old spot near SleepingBeautyCastle.  Hopefully this trend will continue.


Work is being done in Big Thunder Ranch to complete the Barbecue that will open in early Spring.  It looks as if they are building mountains on the Ranch. Signs on the walls erected around the Ranch state that:  More food for your Brood.


There is work being done on the Main Street tracks for the vehicles that run through here.  Walls are put up for just a few sections at a time, and they are very low walls.  There is still room to walk on Main Street and the low walls keep the beautiful view of SleepingBeautyCastle available.  No parades will run while this work is being done.


‘it’s a small world’ is now opened in its regular décor.  There are 29 familiar characters that have been added.  These characters do not detract from the ride, instead they blend in with the other characters making some of them very hard to find.  How many characters can you find?  A topic about this has been started on our forums if you would like to join in the discussion click here. 


Billy Hill and the Hillbillies are no longer performing on a daily basis – be sure to check your times guide for the schedule when you are there.  The Laughing Stock Company will appear on days when the Hillbillies are not there.


Major California Adventure Refurbs:


There is road repair taking place in PacificWharf.  Because of this once you enter you need to retrace your steps to get back out as there is only one open entrance into PacificWharf.  The work is being done on the Golden Dreams side. 


Blue refurb walls are up because of the PacificWharf work.  These walls are up on the bridge to Paradise Pier.  Directions on the walls tell you which way to go for PacificWharf and GoldenState.  Some of these walkways are very narrow because there are walls on both sides of you.


Orange Stinger now has Tandem Swings for the shorter children!  Now kids that are 40” tall can ride with an adult.  You must still be 48” to ride alone.


The lagoon at California Adventure has been drained for World of Color work.  UPDATE:  Work is moving right along in this spot.  Retaining walls are being erected and it actually is beginning to look like something is happening here.


Work on the Sun Wheel is highly visible.  No walls can be erected here.  Platforms and lots of steel are here for cosmetic changes that are being made.


Walls are erected around the lagoon viewing area and smoking area between the Golden Zephyr and the Paradise Pier walkway.  This area is full of working activity with gardens and fencing being torn out.  The former theater seating area here is also inaccessible. There is a very special picture on these walls so be sure to look for it.


Refurb walls have been placed in front of the buildings on the walkway from Golden Dreams to Grizzly.



Ride Closures and other Refurbs:



At California Adventure :




Burger Invasion – now hidden behind refurb walls is due to open May, 2009


Sun Wheel

Boudin Bakery closes February 23rd to March 14th

Baker Tour closes on February 23rd to March 14th 

King Triton’s Carousel closes March 9th




At Disneyland:




Monday February 23rd, the following attractions will go on the refurb schedule:


Goofy’s Playhouse (reopens Saturday March 21st)

Jedi Training Academy (reopens Sunday March 1st)

Matterhorn Bobsleds (this closure is Monday-Friday, the Matterhorn will be open on Saturdays and Sundays and fulltime again on Saturday March 14th)

Stage Door – Ice House (reopens Saturday March 14th)

Westward Ho Wagon


Mark Twain closes for a short time March 9th – March 12th

King Arthur Carousel for a short time March 10th – March 13th

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