What's Happening At Disneyland August 18th through September 30th, 2011

General Disneyland Resort Information:


If it rains it is important to know the following:


Fact:  Fantasmic! will be cancelled if it rains because of live performers.


Fact:  Fireworks are not cancelled due to rain, but if there is wind, they will be cancelled as well.


Fact:  World of Color is not supposed to cancel in the rain, but on Wednesday March 23rd it was cancelled.  It poured for hours that day.


All new restaurants are open now on Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure.


In September Disneyland will return to shorter hours for the off season.  Weekends will still remain open until Midnight, but during the week the park will close at 8pm with the exception of September 30th when Disneyland will close at 7pm for the Halloween Party.


Starting September 16th you can see Halloween at Disneyland.  Disney's Halloween Time will run from September 16th through October 31st.  Parties will begin on September 13 with 10 parties between then and October 31st.  don't miss Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy during this time!



Disney's California Adventure:



Boards, Boards, Boards - Due to all of the construction at Disney's California Adventure you will see boards up just about everywhere you go!


New:  Russell and Doug from the movie UP will be in Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. 


ElecTRONica happens nightly in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot.


Grizzly River Run Fastpass machines are still being used for World of Color Fastpass Tickets.  Get in line early - it does move fast.  Now they do have a few machines dedicated to the ride itself so be sure to get that fastpass early too on the hot summer days.



The Cars Land entrance has  new signage, and during the day you just may find Mater and Lightning McQueen here for a picture opportunity.  The sign looks beautiful at night.


Catch a Flave - the ice cream store in Paradise Pier no longer exists.  No more flavorful ice cream cones.  There is still ice cream, but now it is vanilla, chocolate or twist.


The Little Mermaid is a fun ride with long lines but the queue moves quickly so plan your time wisely and dedicate some of it to standing in this line.


Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, Paradise Garden Grill, and Bayside Brews are all now open for business.






Mickey's Soundsational Parade is in full swing and people save spots in the shade very early so plan ahead and grab that shady seat at least an hour before the parade starts. Currently they are scheduled for 4:00 and 6:30 but these times may change.


Star Tours II - The Adventure Continues is open and fastpass is gone by 10:00 each morning so if you want to ride, grab that fastpass first.  And you will find a queue for the fastpass as well.  Lines wait times are usually over an hour for this new ride.  The queue is fantastic and the ride amazing.  So yes, it IS worth the wait.


Live animals have been seen on Jungle Cruise at night.  What will YOU see?


Rapunzel's Tower is beautiful.  Warning - her queue will reach 90 minutes before she even arrives, and once it does, the queue is closed until 1pm.  If you want to see Rapunzel, get in the line early.  You may even get to see Flynn at the same time.  This is Disney's newest Princess and she is in very high demand.



Ride Refurbs For August:





Matterhorn Bobsleds will be closed for Phase III beginning on Monday, July 11th.  Right now it is not scheduled to open before August 30th so this will be a lengthy closure.  Rumor has it that they are going to redo the bobsleds so that seating is side by side.



Disney's California Adventure:


Francis' Ladybug Boogie




Ride Refurbs for September: 





Haunted Mansion (for the Holiday overlay) will be closed from September 1st through 15th.


Space Mountain (for the Holiday Install) will be closed from September 12th through 15th.


Matterhorn Bobsleds will remain closed until September 2nd.


Pirates of the Caribbean will be closed September 6th for the rest of the month and into October. (there is no opening date yet)


Blue Bayou will be closed September 7th for the rest of the month and into October. (there is no opening date yet)


Mark Twain Riverboat (Deck Oiling) September 26 through 28th.


And an October Tip - sometime during October it's a small world will be down for the Holiday Install and it will reopen in mid November.  Dates will  be posted when they are available.


Disney's California Adventure


Francis' Ladybug Boogie will reopen for occasional days but is essentially closed through the month of September and so far for early October as well.


California Screamin' for all of September and into October.  No return date at this time.


Blue Sky Cellar will close September 15th through the 23rd.

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