What's Happening At Disneyland March 28 to April 30th, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away - it has been quite rainy at the Disneyland Resort.  If you can brave the wetness it is a good time to enjoy attractions you would normally skip due to the wait time.


Rumor has it that during the rain, there is NO wait for the most famous Mouse in the world.


Rumor has it that a fishy attraction that maintains 60 minute waits was a walk on in the rain.


Rumor has it that Peter Pan still had a 60 minute wait in the rain.


Fact:  Fantasmic! will be cancelled if it rains because of live performers.

Fact:  Fireworks are not cancelled due to rain, but if there is wind, they will be cancelled as well.

Fact:  World of Color is not supposed to cancel in the rain, but on Wednesday March 23rd it was cancelled.  It poured for hours that day.


Disney's California Adventure:


Boards, Boards, Boards - Due to all of the construction at Disney's California Adventure you will see boards up just about everywhere you go!


The entrance is boarded up, so watch the ENTER signs - they change direction during the day as the entrance and exits change to meet demand.  Pictures of what DCA will look like when construction is complete are on these boards, keep an eye out for those.


As you exit, there is a picture opportunity on the boards so keep an eye out for that.


ElecTRONica happens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. 


Grizzly River Run Fastpass machines are still being used for World of Color Fastpass Tickets.  Get in line early - it does move fast!


The Cars Land entrance has  new signage, and during the day you just may find Mater and Lightning McQueen here for a picture opportunity.  The sign looks beautiful at night.


Catch a Flave - the ice cream store in Paradise Pier no longer exists.  No more flavorful ice cream cones.  There is still ice cream, but now it is vanilla, chocolate or twist.


Goofy's Sky School/Mulholland Madness - still closed, due to open in May with the change to Goofy's Sky School.  The rails have been painted blue and the bill boards painted over but that is all that is currently visible.


The Little Mermaid is coming  along nicely.  King Triton is now visible along the facade.  Boards are still surrounding this area.  This will also open in May.


Paradise Pier is now a one way walk way.  It ends just after Mickey's Fun Wheel where it is boarded up.  On the other side it is boarded up just after the Silly Symphony Swings.


Sun Plaza no longer exists, and that area is heavily boarded up.  The walkway from the entrance to Wine Country Trattoria is boarded on both sides.


Crowds are heavy, and are expected to remain high through April due to various Spring Breaks and the Easter Holiday.  Because of this, expect wait times for Screamin', Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror and Soarin' to exceed 1 1/2 hours quite often.  Be sure to take advantage of fastpass!




After you go under the tunnels and enter Town Square the first thing you will notice is the Emporium.  The facade has been boarded up, but to make it look nice there is painted cloth on the outside so it looks like a building.  This is much more attractive than the scaffolding seen there last week. 


It is duckling season.  Keep an eye out for the little chicks following Mother Duck.  They like to walk on the walkways near the Tiki Room.


Star Tours and the Starcade are still boarded up.  The new improved Star Tours is due to open in May, and rumor has it that it WILL have fastpass.  And yes, it will be open in May.


Buzz Lightyear fastpass has been removed and is boarded up.  This is a quick moving queue so don't skip it just because it has no fastpass.


Crowds are VERY heavy.  Summer-like.  Indiana Jones and Space Mountain queues are reaching wait times over 2 hours because of the crowds.


Splash Mountain is boarded up and down for refurbishment through May 24th at this time.  It could be longer but the calendar does not go that far ahead.


Winnie the Pooh and the Critter Country Store may close early while you are there.  Visit early in the day.  Last week it closed at 6:30pm due to lack of crowds with Splash Mountain closed.  This is also a good reason to ride Winnie the Pooh.  Very short wait times - around 5 minutes!


Last week - March 21-25, 2011 there were quite a few ride evacuations between Indiana Jones and Space Mountain.  Don't be surprised if you are evacuated, but enjoy your view of backstage.


Live animals have been seen on Jungle Cruise at night.  What will YOU see?


Fantasmic! is missing Tick Tock the Crocodile.  Not sure if it was just one night or if he will be missing for a while, so if there is no Tick Tock, you were warned ahead of time.


Due to the crowds, Characters can be found all throughout Disneyland.  You just may even find a Princess on the Sleeping Beauty Castle trails again, just like it used to be before Princess Fantasy Faire.


Rapunzel's Tower is beautiful.  Warning - her queue will reach 90 minutes before she even arrives, and once it does, the queue is closed until 1pm.  If you want to see Rapunzel, get in the line early.  You may even get to see Flynn at the same time.  This is Disney's newest Princess and she is in very high demand.





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