What's Happening at Disneyland September 8 -28, 2008

What’s Happening at Disneyland 9/08/08 - 9/28/08



General Information:


Finding Nemo Wait Times:  Average 45-60 minutes


The days of the week for early entry have changed, effective January 5th.  Now early entry will be called Magical Mornings and is offered on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.


The Small World Façade is now completely covered and cannot be seen.  The only portion not covered at this time is the Glockenspiel.


Water has been placed in the ‘it’s a small world’ attraction for vehicle testing.


The Monorail is only offering one way trips.  You must get off at Downtown Disney if you board in Tomorrowland.


Toy Story Mania wait times average 30-60 minutes.  One tip – don’t get in line when the park opens.  Wait an hour or so for the initial rush to subside and then get in line for a shorter wait.


The area where the Christmas Tree in Disneyland has refurb walls around it.


Paving work is being done in Tomorrowland.  Some routes have been closed because of this and the Buzz Fastpass machines are down because of this.


High School Musical Two has made its last run at California Adventure.  A new HSM show will be debuting soon.


Golden Dreams has shown its last movie.  This is the spot for the much anticipated Little Mermaid attraction.



Ride Closures and other Refurbs:



At California Adventure :




Burger Invasion (due to open May, 2009)

Hyperion Theater 


The Vineyard Room will be closing for refurbishment on September 8th.

Flik’s Flyers is down for refurb starting September 15th.


At Disneyland:


Big Thunder Ranch will be closing on September 15th so they can redo the theme for Halloween. It will reopen on September 26th.


The Toy Shop on Small World Mall (where you could buy pins and film) is closed.





 ‘it’s a small world’ will be closed beginning January 22nd for a very extensive refurb that will continue until November 28th of this year.   The Christmas decorations have been removed from the façade.


On Tuesday September 2nd, the following will be closed for refurbishment:



Haunted Mansion (for the Jack Skellington remodel – will reopen September 26th)

Sailing Ship Columbia

French Market

Harbour Galley  (due to open 12/10)


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