What's Happening at Disneyland Winter/Spring 2013


Michael Colglazier is named president of the Disneyland Resort effective February 1, 2013.


AP's (Annual Passes) now have their own Early Entry into Disneyland Park until April 19th.  This is the second test phase for this AP early  entry.


Now is the 'slow' time for the Disneyland Resort in California.  It will remain slower than normal until the second week of March, when crowds pick up for Spring Break.


Radiator Springs Racers is the hot ride during this time period.  Be sure to grab your fastpass so you don't have to wait several hours for a much coveted attraction.


Limited Time Magic is in the swing.  First up is the remake of the original show in the Golden Horseshoe Saloon.  Enjoy the Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Review soon, because it won't be here long!


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be down until October 2013 or LATER.  This is for a major refurb and a complete redo of the track.


Rumor has it that Mickey and the Magical Map will be the new show in the Fantasyland Theater when it reopens this summer.


Haunted Mansion is currently closed to remove the Holiday  overlay.  It should be reopen by the end of January or Early February.


'it's a small world' is currently closed to remove the Holiday overlay.  It should be open by the end of January or early February.



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