White Water Snacks Review

White Water Snacks is a wonderful restaurant located in the Grand Californian Hotel just past the entrance into Disney's California Adventure.

At this little restaurant you will find coolers with pre made snacks and sandwiches, yogurt and fruit, and even some desserts. You can choose a bottled drink, or get one from the self serve fountain.

Even better… you can order hot means from their grill. Here you will find hamburgers, hot dogs, hot sandwiches and more. Many of the meals are served with French fries but fresh veggies can also be selected as a replacement.

White Water Snacks is quiet, cool and the cast members are great. This little restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating. The tables here are in the style of picnic tables and they are very spacious.

Large tables are required because the servings are so large. Most made to order meals here are large enough to feed two adults. The prices are comparable to other eateries in the Disneyland Resort but with the large servings the prices are incredible bargains.

At White Water Snacks, you choose your drink, order your meal or grab your sandwich and other choices, and then pay. If you order an item from the grill the cast members will bring the meal to your table.

You can also get the food here prepared to go so that you can eat in your room or even take it into Disney's California Adventure to eat while enjoying a parade.

To give an example of prices and portions here is what we ordered on Thursday June 29, 2006. This food was ordered at 8:00 pm and we had it prepared to go so that we could watch Disney's Electrical Parade at 8:45 pm.

Cheeseburger with fries and strawberries: $7.29 this burger was approximately 1/3 pound. (2006 Prices)

French Dip with fries and strawberries: $8.99 this sandwich was on wonderful French bread and was loaded with roast beef. Cut into two pieces, this can easily be shared and fill two adults with healthy appetites.

Kid's Hot Dog meal with carrots and strawberries: $5.49 this kid's meal comes in the little lunch boxes used at the Disneyland Resort. French fries are also an option for the child's meal. The carrots are the baby carrots that our son loves.

This is a dining spot that I highly recommend for all reasons. The food is great, service is friendly and fast, and the prices are good.

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