Why Disney? An open letter to the powers that be at the Disneyland Resort:

Why did you decide to run ElecTRONica through February but pull it for March.  We booked this trip for the first weekend in March planning to say goodbye to ElecTRONica, but now we don't get that chance.


From the concept art I have seen from the Mad T Party, the same equipment is being used for that 'show' as was used for the Tron experience.  Can't you show ElecTRONica through Spring Break and then close it up for the change to the Mad T Party glowfest?


If we had known you were going to pull ElecTRONica effective March 1st, then we would not be going on this trip.  Instead we would be saving our money for a summer trip so we can see the debut of Carthay Circle, Buena Vista Street, Cars Land and yes, the Mad T Party.


Right now Disney, the economy is in the toilet.  Yet we are planning on two trips to the Disneyland Resort before the end of Summer.  A third trip is planned for Christmas.  We are annual pass holders and we treasure the Disneyland Resort.


In fact, I remember in October when I had to use an ECV for the first time during at Disneyland trip.  I remember saying afterward that I NEVER want to go through that experience again.  Yet I was in a scooter in December, and will be in one when we visit in two weeks.  You see Disney, I love Disney more than I hate the scooter.


I am a charter member of D23.  In fact, I was AT Disneyland on March 10th 2009 when the news of D23 broke, and before it was dark on that day I went back to the hotel and became a member of D23.  I have never been able to go to an EXPO.  I live in Colorado, not California.  I am missing a special D23 experience by just one day in March.


But what I am most upset about is that you are removing ElecTRONica a full three months before the debut of Mad T Party.  It won't take three months to make the changeover yet you still remove this cult fan favorite. 


The last two times we have seen this show, the main show was cancelled.  It seems to me that you actually pulled ElecTRONica in December and are just showing part of the show through February.


Why Disney are you doing this?  I know our family is not the only one upset about this schedule.


So Disneyland, enjoy the 29th of February.  Enjoy the people who will be there all night long.  The tired, the grumpy, and the excited to be doing something so very rare.


Then put up the boards on March 1st so there is no evidence of the beloved ElecTRONica, and think of the people like me who never got to say goodbye to this colorful, fanciful show.  After all, we have been there through the construction for the past 5 years, what's a few more boards, right?  Wrong.  Not all boards are equal.


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