Wine Country Trattoria Review 2009

We decided to try something different during our surprise trip in August.  Andy really wanted to eat at the Wine Country Trattoria so on Thursday August 6th we decided to check it out.


Wine Country Trattoria is located along the parade route in Disney’s California Adventure.  In fact the entrance to the restaurant is right next to the entrance for the Blue Sky Cellar, the place to learn about all of the happenings at California Adventure.


There was a thirty minute wait when we checked in, and I have to say I was surprised since all we could see where empty tables, but we were in no hurry.  We were given a pager and were able to go look at Blue Sky Cellar while we waited.  We enjoyed this extended time there and were happily surprised to find this area not crowded so we could enjoy it at a leisurely pace.  (Our previous visit to the Cellar had been during the Halloween Party in 2008 and it was wall to wall people).


It was only about 20 minutes before our beeper flashed. Alex, with his good timing as usual, decided he had to go to the bathroom so I went to check in while Andy took him.  We were seated inside in the cool air conditioned room and it felt wonderful.  Now I know why the outer tables were all empty!  The room we were in was rather small, only about 10 tables and most of them were empty so it was very quiet.


The table was dressed with real linen, and looked very nice.  I ordered water immediately and it was quickly brought, with a slice of lemon inside.  Once the boys returned we quickly decided on what we would order.  Andy had the Meatball Sandwich, I had the Chicken Panini, and Alex had the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  The sandwiches her come with pasta salad.  I am on dietary restrictions and have to limit my carbohydrates so I can’t have both bread and pasta in one meal.  I explained this to the server, and he was able to change my pasta salad to a dinner salad.  This salad was more than I expected, and was very refreshing on a hot day.


For dessert I ordered the Orange Sorbet.  This was made with home grown fruit, and there was more of a grapefruit taste than an orange taste.  We all enjoyed it because it was not real sweet.  And being a rather frozen dessert, it was nice on a hot day.


All three of us really enjoyed this meal and were happy to have taken the time out to sit down for a nice meal.  As we left, I asked if they could fill my water bottle with some ice water and was really surprised when they said yes!  So not only did we have a great lunch, but I also left with fresh ice water in my bottle.


This is a restaurant I can recommend for ambiance, food, prices, and service.  We did not have a single complaint, and for a little while we were away from the hustle and bustle of the parks in a nice relaxing setting for a very enjoyable lunch.



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