Woody's Halloween Roundup at Big Thunder Ranch

Woody’s Halloween Roundup happens at Big Thunder Ranch during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort.


Still a petting zoo where kids can pet goats, it offers much more during this special time of year.


When you walk into Woody’s Halloween Roundup you will see a wide selections of pumpkins decorated as familiar Disney characters.  These pumpkins are real, and carved by one of four pumpkin carvers.  I spent time speaking with one of these special people as she was carving a pumpkin.  The carvers work very hard to carve out pumpkins that are unique and perfect in every way.  This is very time consuming and fun to watch.  Don’t hesitate to say hi to one of the carvers and watch them work for a few minutes.


Inside the cabin you will find picture opportunities with various Halloween settings.  One setting has pumpkin people sitting at a table.  This is a very cute area, and even if you don’t wish to have your picture taken it is worth looking at.


Over on the other side of Woody’s Halloween Roundup is where you have a chance to meet Woody and Jessie.  There is also a show with the characters.


Also for children there are crayons and paper to color, or cookies to decorate.  The cookies are available for purchase and come with several colors of frosting and sprinkles for the children, and the kids at heart to decorate and enjoy.  In 2008, the price for these cookies was $6.00 each.


Woody’s Halloween Roundup is a place where you can spend a few minutes, or a few hours.  Looking at all of the beautiful pumpkins, decorating cookies or enjoying the show, you can do each for as long or as short a period as you would like.


Big Thunder Ranch becomes Woody’s Halloween Roundup October 1st through November 2nd each year.

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