World Premier Food Court Review (All-Star Movies), May, 2008

The All Star resorts all house a cafeteria style restaurant.  Each hotel is themed differently.  Our hotel, All Star Movies, had the World Premier Food Court.  The food court is open from 6am to midnight.  There are four stations with different types of food, as well as an a la carte section.  There are several registers.  There are tables everywhere.  The walls are lined with movie posters and posters of actors recreating movie posters.  In one corner of the restaurant there is a giant movie projector (this is a prop) showing short clips (this is a real big screen TV) of all different types of Disney movies.  The colors in the World Premier Food Court are bright and colorful.  There is a soda/coffee station right in the middle of the restaurant.


The World Premier Food Court offers different foods at different times of day.  Food choices are endless.  For breakfast you can choose from egg dishes, Mickey waffles, pancakes, ham and cheese sandwiches, Danishes, bagels, and fruit. For lunch and dinner you can have pasta, pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, salads, and delicious desserts.  In the evenings the Food Court also offers pizza delivery to your room. 


We purchased refillable mugs.  The mugs were around $16 a piece but allowed us free refills on beverages at the Food Court all week.  You can choose from all kinds of soda, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.  Unfortunately juice and milk are not a part of the fountain area.  They do have milk and juice for purchase all day at the a la carte station.  The mugs were a great value after 7 days of filling up in the morning, at our swim time, and again before bed.


The World Premier Food Court is far from glitzy, but it serves its purpose.  It’s quick and easy.  My only complaints were that it was CROWDED in the mornings after 7:30 am (but desolate before then); and you have to wait for them to cook your food at each station (which is good-it’s fresh) but you have to wait for each family member so the first person to get food has a very cold dish if you all stay together. 


The World Premier Food Court also has an outdoor bar in the evenings.  A bottle of beer was $5.25 as was a bottle of Mikes Hard Lemonade.


Don’t forget, if you are on the Magic Your Way Plus Dinging plan you can use your quick service meals here, as well as your snacks for ANYTHING under $4.00!!  If you use the quick service meal it includes a can even pick the GIANT build your own ice cream sandwiches (yum!), cost of the dessert doesn’t matter!      


If quick service on the run is what you want…World Premier Food Court is perfect.  If you don’t have a character breakfast planned for the day, I recommend stopping at World Premier Food Court on your way out the door to the parks. 

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