Disney Cruise Line Adult Beverage Seminars and Tastings

Disney Cruise Beverage Tasting
Disney Cruise Beverage Tasting

Do you enjoy trying new alcoholic drinks but are afraid you’ll be spending $10 on something you don’t like?  Are you sure you know your Dunkelweizen from your Hefeweizen from your Gesundheit?  Perhaps you are a wine drinker and would like to delve into another class of liquor such as Bourbon or Whiskey.  Or you just want an excuse to sit in the bar for an hour and try different drinks? Disney has you covered.

The Disney Cruise Beverage Tastings allow you to sample selected adult beverages within a category during your cruise.

1st… the fine print:

Beverage Tasting Event Details

·       Seminars vary based on ship and itinerary

·       Check daily onboard activities for times and location

·       Nominal fees apply (typically $20-$30)

·       Limited availability

·       Events are subject to change or cancellation without notice

·       Guests must be 21 or older

When you are able to book your excursions you can also book the tasting events.  If you don’t book the class before your cruise make sure you book it as soon as you arrive on the ship.  The tasting class sizes are limited and they fill up. Most classes are 1 hour long.  The host will provide a selection of ‘tasters’ while at the same time providing education about the alcohol and history of the drinks.


Current offerings in 2020


In the Mixology class you will learn to make some of the more popular mixed drinks.  In the past you used to be able to make the drinks yourself but these days Disney makes them… too many guests were given very favorable pours.


Beer Tasting

The number of sub-categories of beers has exploded in the last decade. Disney Cruise Line does a great job of carrying a great many varieties of beer on tap. If you are a true connoisseur of beer head to the Sports Bar (O’Gills on the Fantasy & Dream).  They have a selection of bottle/can beers that are rarer.  I only drink beer and my very Irish bartender at my tasting came through.  Of course we started with a Guinness… properly poured.  GOT fans will be happy to know we tried Mead.  So sweet and strong I couldn’t finish the taster.  Plenty of other varieties were served.  It convinced me to be more open about trying different beer types after I got home.


Martini Tasting

How many ways can you mix gin and vermouth with an olive?  Google found me a list of 53 different types.  Yes they cheated and include Vodka Martinis. Disney isn’t going to serve you that many (mini) drinks however they will tempt you to explore the different types of Martinis in this tasting.


Whisky and Bourbon Tasting

Same thing right?  Holy cow… say that to a Bourbon freak and you’ll never hear the end of it.  Learn the difference by attending both of these tastings.  A friend of mine once extolled the fine points of different bourbons while giving me samples.  Save the cost of an Uber and do it on the ship.  Then go do the whisky tasting to compare.


Chocolate and Liquor Tasting

“Indulge in the exquisite pairings of rich chocolates with premium Champagne and liquors—c’est magnifique!So says Disney.  I’ll just say everything goes with chocolate.


Tequila & Margarita Tasting

Ahhh… memories of college. Tequila and Mexican food.  I’d share memories but I don’t remember any of them. However, there are as many different types of Margaritas as there are beers. Learning the history of this drink will make you feel better in the morning.


Stem to Stern Wine Tasting

If you’re new to wine tasting, this experience is a great introduction to the art of identifying the taste, aroma and character of wine. For the connoisseur, it’s the perfect way to indulge your senses and expand your knowledge. You’ll have the opportunity to savor the flavors of both Old World wines, such as those from France, Italy or Spain, and New World wines from the United States, Argentina, Australia or other regions around the globe. What’s more, you’ll get the chance to speak one-on-one with the Head Sommelier from Palo, our fine dining Italian restaurant, whose knowledge of wine will impress even the most distinguished guests. (yes… that came from Disney)


Champagne Tasting

Dry to sweet? Brut Nature to Doux? Beats me but Savor some of the best bubbly from Europe and beyond in this tasting class including Champagne cocktails. 


Amari Tasting

Cognac Tasting

Mojito & Caipirinha Tasting

Rum Tasting

Disney Cruise Lines has no shortage of different alcohol tasting classes.


Kick-Start Your Cruise Vacation Tasting

Celebrate the start of your vacation with our signature mimosa, Bloody Mary and 3 non-alcoholic, craft juice beverages during this 30-minute experience at Senses Juice Bar on the day you set sail. Available on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy only.

This is new in 2019.  It’s a bit pricier than the Disney Beverage Tastings at $38 for an ½ hour.   


Personal Review

Leanne has done both the Mixology and Martini tastings.   Both were great. In martini tasting we tasted seven mini martinis. The favourite drink from that class was the Lemon Drop Martini. Mixology has changed.  You no longer make the drink yourself. There were 7 drinks, most are smaller version of the typical drink you’d have at a bar. This class was more entertaining than the martini class.



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