How to Plan a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruises are very complicated to plan.  They are completely different than a typical vacation; even Disney vacations.  Because prices tend to increase the closer it gets to sail date it's best to book as soon as the cruise becomes available to the public which is typically 1  1/2 years in advance.  You have to choose the cruise destination, dates, itinerary, stateroom class and number of days early in the process. It doesn't get easier after that.  After you book your cruise you have to decide on your travel, port excursions, premium dining nights and at least a semi-balance of activities you want to enjoy on your Disney Cruise.

It can be overwhelming for a 1st time Disney Cruiser.  While enlisting the help of a Disney Cruise travel agent specialist can help there is still a ton of information you need to learn to ensure you have a great time on your cruise.

We've put together a collection of "How to Plan a Disney Cruise" articles to help you navigate the process.

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