1900 Park Fare Breakfast Review 2007

Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare

Characters Featured: Mary Poppins, Alice, Mad Hatter, Pooh, & Tigger

Location: Grand Floridian Resort

Reservation Time 8am

We had 8 o’clock reservations at the Grand Floridian hotel so we decided to drive there because the bus transportation had been horrible. We arrived and we was the second family seated with Tigger, Mad Hatter and Alice all greeting us. We were seated and immediately helped ourselves to the buffet. There was an excellent selection of foods. So much to choose from, eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, biscuits, French toast, waffles, gravy, oatmeal, potatoes, fruits, rolls, customized omelets & much more. We were quickly greeted by Pooh and Tigger, then by Tigger and Pooh, and then finally the Mad Hatter and Alice came to our table. I am not sure exactly how the Mad Hatter acts in the movie but the man playing him was rude, impatient, and very hurried. I wanted to say something so bad but I wasn’t for sure. While we were finishing our wonderful breakfast Tigger came by again. Then I finally was able to flag our waitress down to get her to take our payment while Tigger came by once again. He kept returning. Trey made a comment that Tigger had been to our table 4 times and Tigger held us his four fingers and started shaking his head and acting silly & embarrassed. It was cute. On our way out I asked about Mary Poppins because she was suppose to be there but the guy informed us we just missed her and it would be 20 minutes before she is back. The bad thing about it was that Mary wasn’t there at first thing in the morning so I suggest asking when being seated her appearance schedule. Mary only greets the families at the entrance and does not go from table to table.

Normally we only do 2 character meals each trip but this time we opted for the dining plan. With the dining plan we were able to have a character meal each day which was nice. Not only did the kids enjoy the meals but it was a nice break for us during the day when we didn’t have to wait in the character lines at the theme parks. The dining plan was definitely worth the extra money and is really a great deal for the kid’s price of the package. And with having the dining plan you will not go away hungry.


I would rate this meal a 7 because the waitress was horrible and we wasn’t informed about Mary’s schedule. But we would go back.

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