Best Western Park Place Inn and Mini Suites Review

Best Western Park Place Inn Review



Best Western Park Place Inn

1544 S. Harbor Blvd.

Anaheim, CA  92802




The Best Western Park Place Inn is located at the crosswalk to the Disneyland Resort Gates.  A rather small motel with just two floors, but it does have an elevator for those on the second floor.


Inside the lobby of the motel you will find couches and seating, a car rental desk, and the front desk.  Next to the lobby is the gift shop.  Also in the lobby is a computer and printer set up so that you can print your boarding passes before going to the airport.  This is a great feature!  Inside the rooms you will also enjoy free wireless internet.


The personnel at this motel are friendly and helpful.  If you arrive before your room is ready they will store your luggage behind the front desk for you.  There is no bell hop to take that luggage to your room, but there is a luggage cart you can use to make it easier.


We found that the gift shop has some pretty strange hours and it was usually open only in the evening.  The gift shop itself is small, but does have a nice selection of souvenirs and great prices.


The rooms will either have one queen size bed with a couch and table or two double beds with a table and chairs.  While not very large the rooms are kept clean and comfortable.  All rooms have a desk for computer work.  The rooms do not have a patio or balcony, but each room does have a window. Inside the room you will find a microwave, a rather large refrigerator, and a television with some cable channels.  If you order a wake up call, the hotel will often call back about 15 minutes later to make sure you got up.  Do not count on this though, as it doesn’t happen every day.


The bathroom is one room that has a bathtub/shower, toilet, and single sink vanity area.  There is a blow dryer in the bathroom.  Outside the bathroom is the mirrored closet and a rather large area across from the closet to store your luggage.  The closet has a good many hangers for you to use during your stay.


The pool at the motel is open from 9 in the morning until 10 at night.  You must use your room key to enter the area.  Each night at 10 they do close the pool and kick people out.  This is important to note as there are rooms that have their only window facing the pool.  The pool itself is 6 feet deep at one end.  There is also a good sized hot tub.


Laundry facilities are located near the pool.  Here they have two washers and two dryers.  There is also laundry detergent and Clorox bleach available to purchase.  The washing machines cost 75 cents to use, while the dryers cost $1.00 each.  The detergents are available for $1.00 a piece.


There are also drink and snack machines outside the pool area.  The prices on these are pretty good with drinks priced at $1.50 and snacks varying by type.  The drink machines house Pepsi products and a wide selection of water, Gatorade and the like.


Each morning the Best Western Park Place Inn has a continental breakfast.  This is held on the second floor of Captain Kidds.  You must enter the restaurant and take the stairs to the second floor as it can not be reached from the second floor of the motel.


The continental breakfast has a selection of cereal, juice, milk, or coffee to drink, and a variety of muffins and pastries and donuts to choose from.  The room is large with plenty of seating to enjoy your breakfast.


We stayed at this motel the 19th of October for four nights.  We found the motel room to be clean with several extra pillows and blankets.  It was obvious to us that this is an old hotel.  There was some damage to the wall paper on the back wall, and the furnishings were old, but did work sufficiently.  The refrigerator was large enough to hold two 2-liter bottles, a twelve back of beer and several other drinks.


The room only has one telephone and that phone was located at the desk instead of the night table.  I only used the phone for wake-up calls, and two of our four nights they called a second time to make sure that I had gotten up. 


The clock in our room was slow, and this was not discovered until the next morning when the wake-up call came.  I thought they had called 25 minutes early, but they called right on time, the clock was slow.  Be sure to check your clock when you arrive.  Someone has also set the clocks alarm so that it would go off at midnight.


This is not a deluxe hotel by any means, but we did find it comfortable and the proximity to Disneyland was perfect.  This is a smoking motel with all smoking rooms on the top floor.  There are ash trays all around the bottom floor and there were kept very clean.


We do not usually spend a lot of time in our room.  This trip was off season so we spent more than normal.  Would we stay here again?  Certainly.  It is a great motel for the price, and you can’t beat the location.


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