Candy Cane Inn Review, December 2012

We stayed at the Candy Cane Inn from December 22nd through the 26th, checking out on the 27th of December.  I had upgraded our room from the standard accommodations to the deluxe room.  This room was supposedly bigger than the standard room, yet it was still very small.

The reason we upgraded our room was because we knew I would have a scooter, or ECV that would need to be charged in the room each night.  When we got to the room, we found that to fit the scooter in the room we had to move furniture.  So for the duration of our stay the table was in front of the connecting door, and the two chairs became a suit case holder since there are not enough drawers for clothing for more than one person.

We found a total of seven small drawers.  My underclothing for six days took up one of these drawers.  Andy and Alex made use of the four drawers in the bureau while I used those in the nightstand.  I hung my shirts because there were plenty of hangars, and just left my pants and shorts in the suit case on the two big chairs.  This worked out for me because the suit case was left closed unless I was getting an item of clothing, and we had previously moved those two chairs to put the scooter into the room.  Remember, a scooter is not that large, so having to move things to get it to fit was an issue.  The lack of drawers for a room that sleeps five people was simply not enough.

When we last stayed at the Candy Cane Inn, Andy had to go across the street to the Ramada (so across and up a block) to get internet access.  Since I loved the hotel anyway and we had stayed there before with no problems, we decided to try it again.  I specifically love staying here for Christmas trips.  Something to do with the hotel name.

We found out the second day into our trip that the internet was going to be very spotty.  For most of the trip Andy had to use his phone to connect to the internet.  People I met in the hot tub told me that one side of the hotel had no problems, while the other side was spotty to no internet.  They had even had someone come into the room to check the internet hookup and it was fine, but in four days they were never able to connect.  It was also surprising to find out that they have no ESPN.  That was disappointing after spending Sunday in the parks and wanting to watch ESPN for football updates later.

We found the water pressure in the shower fine, but the water temperature seriously lacking.  Many mornings we took cold or lukewarm showers.  And women, you know how hard it is to shave your legs when you are cold and have goose bumps.  To not have hot water was just shameful of the hotel, and we should have complained, but never did that.

The pillows and bed were both very comfortable.  The pillows were plentiful, and there was an extra one in the closet.  The wood shutters were a really nice touch.

But we told our driver on the way back to the airport, we will not stay there again.  It is possible that I will need a scooter for the rest of my Disney trips.  We should not have to upgrade our room for the scooter to fit.  We should not have to take cold showers, and we should be able to watch ESPN on television at night.

For Andy and Alex, the shuttle was nice.  There feet didn't hurt AS MUCH.  But they still hurt.  Thanks to all the shuttle drivers for the good attitudes and good rides.  Getting a ride to Disneyland is much better than walking for 10 minutes.

So one more time,

The Good:

The staff were all very nice.

The shuttle to Disneyland was very nice.

The beds were comfy after a long day of park hopping.

The Christmas cookies for Santa and the teddy bear on Christmas Eve were a nice touch.  And completely unexpected.

The Bad:

The small room.

The lack of internet.

No ESPN on tv.

Cold or lukewarm showers.

For us, the bad is too much to overcome, and we will not stay there again.  For others, the bad may not matter to you at all, and this hotel may be perfect for you.

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