Castle Inn and Suites Review March 2012

Castle Inn and Suites states on their website that they are 'right across the street from Disneyland'.  While technically true since California Adventure is right across the street, it is not close to the cross walk.  In actuality it is a 10 - 15 minute walk to reach the cross walk you take into the Disneyland Resort.  While not a bad walk in the mornings it can be pretty tough at night. Candy Cane Inn, which is also across the street offers a shuttle to Disneyland, but Castle Inn and Suites has no shuttle.


Aside from the distance to Disneyland this is a motel that covers all the basics and won't cost you a bundle to spend the night.  We paid just $65.00 a night in early March, 2012.  This was considerable less than other motels in the area,


The staff at Castle Inn and Suites is very friendly and helpful.  When we checked in we found that our grocery purchase was already in our motel room refrigerator keeping the milk we ordered for our son cold.


When we entered the room we noticed two things.  The room was clean, and the beds were low.  Really low.  We found them comfortable and easy to sleep on though, so there were no complaints about the bed.  Even I found it comfortable and didn't wake with a backache each morning of the trip.  What they didn't have though were extra pillows and blankets in the room.  We are used to having that option, and extra pillows on the beds, but these rooms came with just two pillows per bed and no extras.


Our other complaint (the walk being the first complaint) was the water pressure.  It was horrible!  The first morning we thought it may just be time of day, but that wasn't the case, it was horrible the whole trip.  It took forever to rinse my hair, and it is short (not even shoulder length right now).


We found the pool pleasant.  They have the pool in the center courtyard with a lot of chairs to accommodate sun bathers. There were also area's on each end of the pool where you could go upstairs to relax in the sun.  No pool up there but peaceful.  In addition to the pool they also have a wading pool and a hot tub.  The hot tub had too much chlorine (you could tell by the bubbles) but it was still usable.


The gift shop was small, but useful.  They have various sundries, sodas, and even 24 ounce beer by the single can.


We noticed when we checked out that the room to hold guests luggage was very small.  I wondered at the time what they do if everyone checks out at once because this room just didn't seem large enough to handle more than 20 suitcases.  We did notice that when we put our luggage in, and got it out we were the only guests using this service, so it must work for them.


The Castle Inn and Suites has four floors in a C shape.  There is one very long main corridor.  There are four floors and an elevator.  They offer wake up calls at no charge, and clean the rooms daily.  We even spent a lot of time in the room the day my Dad died.  We hadn't left the room until 9 that morning and were back by 11:30.  Our room was not done.  We put the tag on and went to the pool for a few hours.  It was about 4pm when we went back to Disneyland.  To our surprise when we got back that night our room had been cleaned.


During our trip we found warm days and cold nights.  What we didn't have in our room was a thermometer.  We could adjust the amount of heat or air coming out, but could not set a temperature, so if we left the air on during the day when we left, it was very cold that night when we got back.


Overall we enjoyed our stay at the Castle Inn and Suites.  Will we stay here again?  Probably not unless we really need an inexpensive place to stay again.  This motel did serve our purposes for our March trip though with a comfortable bed and a clean room.  We simply prefer a few more amenities, a good shower, and lots of pillows in the motels we stay at while at Disneyland.  But for those looking for a good motel at a cheap price, be sure to check out the Castle Inn and Suites because it fits the bill.

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