Dinner at Chef Mickey's Review 2007

Dinner at Chef Mickey’s

Characters Featured: Chef Mickey, Chef Goofy, Chef Donald, Chef Pluto & Minnie

Location: Contemporary Resort

Reservation Time 7:40pm

We were late to our reservations by 20 minutes. When we got there I thought we would have to wait awhile to be seated so I took Ky to the bathroom and when I got back Troy was waiting on us to go to the table. I was shocked they were able to seat us so quickly. Troy had left Trey with Minnie’s cast member and they were just chit chatting and getting along great. (He did this because no one offered to show me and Kyan where they had been seated while we was gone.) He even offered to bring Minnie back to the table since we missed her. During dinner Kyan started swinging her napkin in the air and standing in her seat. I was shocked by her behavior and the fact that she kept doing it. I asked her who taught her that and she exclaimed Goofy. Then the waitress came to the table and explained that they do that when they have a celebration. I later got to see when they had “celebration time”. At Chef Mickey’s we got to see Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto. The meal was a buffet that featured several different selections for children and adults. The dessert bar however knocked the socks off my husband. The dessert bar had every type of toppings for ice cream available. There were easily 15-20 different selections. Then on the other end of the dessert bar was little miniature desserts like key lime pie, brownies, carrot cake, chocolate cake, rice krispies & more.

Normally we only do 2 character meals each trip but this time we opted for the dining plan. With the dining plan we were able to have a character meal each day which was nice. Not only did the kids enjoy the meals but it was a nice break for us during the day when we didn’t have to wait in the character lines at the theme parks. The dining plan was definitely worth the extra money and is really a great deal for the kid’s price of the package. And with having the dining plan you will not go away hungry.


This meal is rated a 9 with lots of fun & excitement.


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