Cinderella's Royal Table Character Review (2007)

Lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table

Characters Featured: Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Belle, Snow White, Jasmine

Location: Inside Cinderella’s Castle at the MagicKingdom

Time of Reservation 1pm

Cinderella's Royal Table
Cinderella's Royal Table
We arrived and had to wait 10 minutes before being let in to meet Cinderella. This was another 20-25 minute wait. As we got up to her our name was called to enter the restaurant. So Kyan got her pic taken and then we headed up all the stairs to the restaurant. The photo package was included free with the meal but you are only allowed one pose. We were then seated at our table that had confetti on it. Kyan received a wand and Trey received a sword. So once we ordered I was looking around at all the tables and noticed that our table was the only table with the confetti. I am really not sure why I am guessing because we had our anniversary buttons on. We got to see Snow White, Belle, Jasmine and the Fairy Godmother.

Cinderella's Royal Table - Kid's Sunday With Crown
Kid's Sunday With Crown
Our lunch was so good. Our appetizers consisted of a plate with cheese, turkey, salad, & some cold grilled chicken with a sauce. Lunch was ordered, I had the Major Domo’s Pie and Troy had a Frociatta Sandwich with Sweet Potatoes chips. I can’t remember what the children ordered but standard children’s choices. Then dessert was served the kid’s had little sundaes topped with a chocolate crown and Troy and I had a chocolate cheesecake mousse with chocolate ice cream. As we was finishing up our lunch they announced it was time to make magic and for all the children to raise their swords and wands and make a wish on the wishing star. When doing so lights started twinkling all around the inside of the room. This was very neat to see. The atmosphere and décor along with the food definitely makes this a must do at least once. Cost is high but so worth it. There are some tables that sit against windows that look out to Fantasyland that must have a terrific view but I was pleased with our table in the middle of the room. I can’t really remember how long we were there but I am guessing about 2 hours.

Cinderella's Royal Table- Windows In The Castle
Windows In The Castle
Normally we only do 2 character meals each trip but this time we opted for the dining plan. With the dining plan we were able to have a character meal each day which was nice. Not only did the kids enjoy the meals but it was a nice break for us during the day when we didn’t have to wait in the character lines at the theme parks. The dining plan was definitely worth the extra money and is really a great deal for the kid’s price of the package. And with having the dining plan you will not go away hungry.

This meal is rated a 10. Everything about it was like dining with royalty and they make you feel like a royal too.


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