Disney World for Kids aged 2 to 6 (February, 2008)

If you are going to Walt Disney World for the first time, or the first time with a child in this age group, you may wonder what your child can ride.  If you are only going to be staying there for a few days, this list will give you an idea of which parks you should plan on spending more time in than others.  Parades, Fireworks and other Entertainment are not on this list.  Some children love it all, others are more timid, and loud noises can be scary.


For those traveling with a child under age 2, the rides with a star next to them are okay for babies and younger children as well.


Magic Kingdom


“it’s a small world” *

Monster’s Inc., Laugh Floor *

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin *

Cinderella’s Golden Carousel *

Donald’s Boat (this is a walk through water attraction – some toddlers simply love getting wet here!)


Country Bear Jamboree *

Dumbo the Flying Elephant *

Pooh’s Playful Spot *

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh *

Peter Pan *

Mad Hatter (not great for babies, but once your child can walk this may be a great ride)

Mickey’s House *

Minnie’s House *

Mickey’s Philharmagic (3-D show) *

The Enchanted Tiki Room * (some children do find this scary)

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Jungle Cruise * (some children find this scary)


Faster rides (or a little scarier), but still mild enough for some of the little ones:


Astro Orbiter

Pirates of the Caribbean *

Snow White’s Scary Adventures (can be very scary for some small children)

Stitch’s Great Escape

Goofy’s Barnstormer

Tomorrowland Indy Speedway

Haunted Mansion *(some kids love this while others are very scared)


To put things in perspective for parents taking preschoolers to the MagicKingdom, the only attractions that are not listed here for the young children are:  SpaceMountain, SplashMountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  With the minimal height restrictions on these 3 attractions though, if you have a child who loves moving fast and big hills are not scary, then these three can also be added to your list.  With or without young children you can easily spend a full day at the MagicKingdom.





The Seas with Nemo and Friends *

Journey into Imagination with Figment *

Kidcot Fun Stops – one at each pavilion, usually involving a craft of some sort

Spaceship Earth *

Soarin * (once the 40” height requirement is met)


Faster rides (or a little scarier), but still mild enough for some of the little ones:



Honey I Shrunk the Audience (3-D show)


In Epcot there are also Pavilions to visit, ethnic food and drink to taste, and a few big thrills for the adults.


Disney Studios:


Movie Set Adventure *

Muppet Vision 3-D *


Faster rides (or a little scarier), but still mild enough for some of the little ones:


Star Tours * (this has been a favorite ride for my son since he was 40” tall)

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Studio Backlot Tour


Disney Studios is full of movie magic.  Not only do the attractions depict this, but the shows and parades do as well.  There is also a great deal of live entertainment for the young ones, such as Playhouse Disney Live on Stage, and the Little Mermaid Show.  If your child loves Star Tours and Star Wars, the JediTrainingAcademy is also done at Disney Studios.



Animal Kingdom:


TriCeraTop Spin

Wildlife Express Train *

(There are numerous other things for children here such as games and exploring)


Faster rides (or a little scarier), but still mild enough for some of the little ones:


It’s Tough To Be A Bug (3-D show)

Kali River Rapids

Kilimanjaro Safaris *

Primeval Whirl


There is a plethora of live entertainment at Animal Kingdom for both adults and children to enjoy.





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