California Adventures Block Party Bash Review

Block Party Bash at Disney's California Adventure is an impromptu party you may find yourself caught up in with no notice. Skeptical? How can a scheduled 'parade' be impromptu? Well, it can be, and it is. Yes, it is a parade, but it is much more than that.

Block Party Bash is full of dance music from the 80's. You know the song Celebrate? YMCA? Yep, those and many others are incorporated into this impromptu party. Want to join in? Sit in the front row, and you may find yourself on display for everyone else to watch and learn from.

Before the Block Party Bash begins 4 Green Army Men will get the crowed pumped up. If you don't remember who the Green Army men are they do a skit to help you remember. Yes a popular toy many years ago for girls and boys alike. They were brought back to life with the Disney/Pixar movies Toy Story and Toy Story II. If you thought the Green Army Men were simply a plastic toy think again. The 4 real live Green Army Men will get you hopping like the child you used to be. If you are in the front row don't be surprised when one of these men grabs your arm and says: 'stand up ma'am and help us out'. Skeptical still? Wait until one of them say: 'hey there sir, show me 10, and get that smirk off your face'. You will laugh, and not even realize it has happened to you but you are now part of the Block Party Bash.

Once the parade starts the party really begins. Three 'movie' floats, large orange cones, and boxes that pull down to become trampolines parade down the streets. The first 'movie' float carries the gang from the Toy Story films. The next movie float is Monsters, Inc., and the final movie float is from A Bug's Life. It doesn't matter where you sit, you have a wonderful view of this party.

Did you think you would ever see Boo walking through a Disney Park? Well, watch the Block Party Bash and you will see her strolling beside the Monster's Inc. float. Watch for Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Mike, Sully, Flik and Atta to get you dancing in the street. Yes, that song is also part of the repertoire.

If you want to join the Block Party Bash, make sure you are in a party zone on the parade route. Look onto the light poles for information on what zone you are in. If you need help ask a cast member. The best views are if you are 'In the Zone'.

At the end of the Block Party Bash, two things happen. One, watch the floats for special guests from another Disney/Pixar film to rise above everything for a brief glimpse. Yes, you guessed it. The characters from the newest movie the Incredibles rise up to say hi before moving to the next zone.

There are also miniature nerf balls thrown out to the crowd. Please do not run into the street for these, as the vehicles are moving at this point and the danger is high. If a ball remains in the street, it will mysteriously be rerouted to the crowds as the floats pass by.

Block Party Bash is not your standard parade. Instead it is for the kid in all of us that likes to sing, dance and just have fun. So grab a seat, prepare to stand up and dance, and have a ball with your friends from Disney and Pixar!

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