Disney's Electric Parade Review

If your child has not yet seen this parade be prepared for a new fan. Disney's Electric Parade gains new fans on a daily basis and now a whole new generation of kids is beginning to love what some adults consider a Disney tradition. As the familiar sounds of the Baroque Hoedown begin on Paradise Pier prepare to be brought back to your childhood.

The favorite of many adults, and the new favorite for young children, Disney's Electrical Parade has switched directions. Now, the parade begins in Paradise Pier and ends in Sun Plaza. So here is information to help you find a good seat to enjoy this wonderful parade.

This change has caused a few things to happen. First, with the directional change, you can now grab a seat near the beginning of the parade within 30 minutes of its start time. One great area to sit is in front of the Zephyr. Here you can grab a seat with just minutes to go before the parade starts. Front row with no wait. Part of the reason for this is the lights on the attraction and the lights on at the shop Souvenir 66 across the street scare people away from thinking that this is a good area to watch.

These lights are no problem. As the parade reaches this area, the lights are dimmed and you forget that they are even there. To get a front row seat early in the parade you no longer need to wait for over an hour to save your spot.

After the parade is over, you will be directed out and must turn at Golden Dreams. Here, you follow the crowd around Grizzly River Rapids to the front gates. You will arrive before the Electric Parade has ended. You can either stop to watch again, or you can exit the park and find a good spot to watch Disneyland's fireworks show.

And that is the second change. Since the parade now starts in Paradise Pier, it is not easily possible to leave California Adventure and get into Disneyland in time for the fireworks. To see them from inside Disneyland, you must now do this on 2 different nights. On the night you do chose to watch the Electric Parade though, you can easily watch the fireworks from between the two parks. You will not be alone doing this, so have fun, and enjoy both the parade and the fireworks without the huge crowds you will find inside Disneyland!

Fall 2005 Update - Disney's Electrical Parade is now on hiatus until December 16, 2005 when it will come back for the Holiday Season. After then Christmas holiday the Electric Parade will go back on hiatus until late Spring or Early Summer 2006.

Winter 2005 Update - Disney's Electrical Parade will return to California Adventure on Friday the 16th of December and will be shown through December 31st.

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