Drawn to the Magic Review

Drawn to the Magic is a show at Disney's California Adventure in the Hollywood Backlot. We ran into this show completely by accident on the last day of a five day trip to the Disneyland Resort. We had just left Monsters Inc when we saw Cinderella, Sorcerer Mickey and Woody quickly going down the street. Since we needed Cinderella to sign our autograph book for Alex we followed them. We quickly found out that the only way to get the autograph was to watch the show. So, even though our time was at a premium this day we sat down to watch.

The cast member I had talked to about the autographs saw the seats we had, and came up and offered us front row seats on the ground which we happily took. Within minutes the show started and I was enchanted.

Drawn to the Magic is a musical show with 3 performers. Each performer has a drawing of one of the characters for the show. After a few songs, the performers ask for volunteers from the audience. Three children (around age 8 or so) were chosen to help make a demonstration. This was very cute and was amazing since the children had no practice before having to perform.

After doing their little skit the children sat back down and the show went on. The music from drawn to the Magic is familiar music from the most loved Disney Movies. For this show there was a lot of music from Toy Story including Jessie's song from Toy Story II. Also performed were a few songs from Cinderella. Watching this part of the show actually brought tears to my eyes. It was wonderful to hear the music that is so near and dear to me performed live.

A few minutes before the show ends the characters the performers had 'drawn' come to live and are suddenly on stage. For this show it was Cinderella, Sorcerer Mickey and Woody. They were on stage for a few minutes and then they came down to sign autographs.

The three volunteers from earlier in the show each got the drawing from the skit they performed. For example; the young girl who did the Cinderella skit (pose like a Princess) received the drawing of Cinderella. She then had the Princess sign her picture.

The cast member running this show was wonderful and explained to me that usually there are different characters for each show. Because of this you could go to several shows and have different characters and songs. He also told me that the characters have 'rules'. These rules have to do with the temperature and how long they can be out. Because it was so hot (95 degrees with 60 percent humidity) the characters were only able to stay out for 7 minutes after this show instead of the normal 15 minutes.

I highly recommend this show for both children and adults. If you have a child around age 8 you might try to volunteer them to perform. The gift those children get is one that can't be purchased anywhere and the memories will last forever.

Drawn to the Magic is a wonderful show and the performing Cast Members have great voices and a wonderful stage presence. We my have run into this show by accident but I can guarantee we will watch it again. The times for this show are on the daily times guide for Disney's California Adventure.

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