Free Walt Disney World Souvenir 2008

Free Walt Disney World Souvenir


Thanks to Esmerelda from our forums ( for pointing this tip out!


If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World you can get a free customized park map for each of the 4 parks.  MagicKingdom, Epcot, Disney Studios and Animal Kingdom are all available.  You can get one park, or all of them. 


To get this free souvenir, simply go to and click on the little suitcase in the right hand corner.


From there you can choose your park, and select what you want on your map.  You can pick and choose, or make it a complete map by selecting all.  After your selections are made then you will have the option to add Dream Paths to your map.  There is a Dream Path for children, one for people who love Princesses and one for those that like adventure.


Once your selections are made you will verify your mailing address (you must be a member to order - and registering with Disney is easy - you can register on one site and be registered for all of them).  You will receive your free personalized maps in 2 – 4 weeks.  There is a limit of one map per household every 6 months.


Not much in life is free these days, and this is a wonderful keepsake!

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