Grizzly River Run Review

Grizzly River Run is the one attraction at the Disneyland Resort that will have long lines in the summer and a guarantee that you will get wet! This is one of the best attractions at Disney's California Adventure and the lines tend to be very long on the hot days.

Grizzly River Run is an exciting River Rafting attraction with a nice drop at the end which will spin you around so that you could have the opportunity to be thoroughly soaked. Each raft holds eight victims, err, um, riders who don't mind getting soaked if the case may be. No loud music will interfere with your talking and having a good time with your fellow rafters. The anticipation of getting wet leads to some great conversation. Please also remember; while it is fun to complain about getting wet, it sure feels good when it is 100 degrees outside.

Because of the type of seating on this ride, there is a height limit requiring that a guest be 42" or taller to get on one of the rafts. Once a child has passed that height there is no reason to stay off this attraction. It is not scary, has no roller coaster type hills, and is strictly a fun, yet controlled experience on a river raft.

There are lockers to the left of this attraction. These lockers are free for one time use. After you open the locker, if you close it again and leave your things in you will have to pay. You will find these lockers behind a wood wall to the left of the Fastpass distribution area. If you have something that you absolutely don't want to get wet, be sure to take advantage of the free lockers.

During the cooler winter months the water is 'turned down' so that you do not get so wet, so on warm winter days, don't hesitate to enjoy this beautiful attraction.

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