Interview with Kids Ages 1 - 3 (Likes and Dislikes at Walt Disney World)

We have set up an interview for children based on their age.  This was done with all of our message board members and here are the questions and results.  The information here will give you a great idea of what kids between the ages of 1 and 3 like and don’t like.


If you would like to submit answers for your child, please submit the answers, your child’s name and age and email them to  Be sure to also specify that these answers are for Walt Disney World.



Age 1 – 3 Questions:


1.  What is your favorite ride?


2.  Who is your favorite character?


3.  What ride is your least favorite?


4.  Are you afraid of any character?


5.  Are you afraid of any ride?


6.  What is your favorite show/parade?


7.  Favorite Souvenir




From Kyan, age 3:


1.   Snow White's Scary Adventure

2.  Princesses Snow White & Jasmine

3.   Pirates of the Caribbean

4.  Afraid of Capt Jack Sparrow

5.  No

6.  Spectromagic Electric Parade

7.  Cinderella's Castle Playset

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